Denise Bowen: My main motto: Never give up, for every challenge there is a lesson and a blessing”

03 mai, 2014

It is a pleasure to being interviewed by the World of Models Family. My name is Denise Bowen, and my background is ½ British and ½ Jamaican.




My personal interests include tattoos, sunsets, fashion writing, listening to music, dancing, drawing, writing poetry. Moreover, I have an insatiable appetite to explore and learn different things and to travel.

 How did all begin




I was scouted on the streets of NYC.  My first test shoot was an outdoor photo shoot with a brilliant photographer by the name of Luis Guillen. I remembered it was very cold and I was in Soho in New York.  Luis made me feel very comfortable since I was very nervous and had to pretty much just change right there out in the open. 

Working with photographers: practicing the poses in the mirror 

The advice I have received from photographers is to practice my poses in the mirror to ensure comfortability with my body. I am still uncomfortable with being naked in front of the camera; however I am looking forward to a shoot where I am able to overcome this. Funny backstage story; On set on a shoot, the stylist didn’t have my correct size shoes and my feet hurt during the shoot because it was 2 sizes smaller; therefore I had to be carried off set at the end of the shoot to ease the pain.





The catwalks´ experiences: being natural and not falling lol 

During the catwalk, I would like to emulate the Naomi Campbell walk but it is more important for me to concentrate on being natural and not falling…haha 

The fashion industry for male and female models 

I believe that nowadays male models have finally receive a little more exposure as with female models, however female models are more in demand in this business. 

A favorite male model that inspire me…well I don’t have a favorite male model;  however my favorite female models are Naomi Campbell and Freja Beha Erichesen. I admire Naomi Campbell’s strength and her legendary status has helped open up doors for black female models.

I admire Freja because of her androgynous figure and she exudes an essence of cool elegance, minimalistic yet refined style. While many designers have advocated for multicultural shows, little has been done to enhance more diversity.





Denise´s style: a fshionista?  

Skinny jeans, tank top, converse. I wear black, white and gray. I wish to add some color to my wardrobe…haha

Imagine u famous model, surrounded by a huge crowd! 

It is a funny story, I have been mistaken for Naomi Campbell and I just smile and say I am sorry but I am not Naomi but thanks for the compliment. 

On show business 

Show business is exciting and stimulating but it is most important to have a strong support system to rely on to endure through the challenging times. 

Dating x Loving 

I am seeing an amazing person and he is from Sweden. In regards to love and dating, well to make our relationship work. I have found that communication, chemistry, trust and loyalty are the ingredients for a lasting relationship.



Denise black and white editorial 2 Denise black and white editorial 1



In high school, I was on the track and field team and I enjoy running, playing volleyball and my babe surfs therefore one day I would love to learn to surf as well.  

If you could have a super power what would it be? Who’s your favorite superhero? 

I would love to have X-men’s Wolverine superpowers which consist of accelerated healing and defensive powers. My favorite superhero is Wolverine and I am looking forward to seeing the film X-men: Days of Future Past. 

Atracting someone´s attention 

My way of attracting someone, usually I am reserved at first, however once I am comfortable, it is my smile that attracts someone. 

Having fun, enjoying life 

The best way to have fun is just being myself and I love to laugh and make someone laugh as well. Being with my babe and friends and it is in that moment that is most enjoyable. 

Craziest (nastiest?) thing you´ve ever done in a summer time season 

The craziest things I have done all happened in my friend’s limo on the way to the Hamptons and during my stay in the Hamptons. Now I am also creating some crazy fun memories as well especially when I met my babe’s friends from Sweden and we reserved a table at the most awesome place called Gilded Lily in New York, one of Chelsea’s most eminent venues. It also happens to be where Alexander Wang hosted his extravagant post-NYFW ’14 party. It was an amazing and crazy fun night for my babe and myself and everyone else. 

Fav body part and why 

Favorite body part includes: eyes, hair, mouth and a lean slender frame.



In your Ipod 

Favorite singer, well there are too many to list as a favorite but I love hip-hop, rock and house music.   


I enjoy eating and I am open-minded. 

Guilty Pleasure 

My guilty pleasure consists of watching television show (Seinfeld) If I weren’t a model, I would be a forensic psychologist.


An unforgettable (and very special!!!) moment 

An unforgettable moment occurred  during my work as Public Relations Director at TWELV, an indie fashion publication, the highlight of my career was contributing and interviewing Jean Paul Gaultier at his debut “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to Catwalk” at the Brooklyn Museum. This is the first international exhibit of the designer’s work. Showcasing about 140 ensembles from haute couture and prêt-à-porter lines the designer has built since the 1970s, the show is organized around seven themes outlining his influences from Parisian streets to cinema. Link to my interview via TWELV with Jean Paul:

Jean Paul Gaultier interview 1

Jean Paul Gaultier interview 4

Jean Paul Gaultier interview 6



My main motto: Never give up, for every challenge there is a lesson and a blessing. 

Denise on next chapters

An actual upcoming project: I am excited about the prominent figure I will be able to interview in the acting and fashion world…shhh I can’t say too much until the article is published.

Denise black and white body shot


Thanks to  World of Models Family for an intriguing interview and I look forward to traveling to Brazil and enjoying all that Brazil has to offer especially the tropical sun :)


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