The scouter Debora Dias: “I didn´t choose having a career in fashion, I was chosen by fashion – and I was way too in love to say no”.

25 abr, 2011


The director Debora Dias (she rocksssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And her amazing models!!!

  I was born in Recife – a beach city in Northeast Brazil. I have also lived in Germany and Canada. In fact, I have been traveling all around since I was a small child. I recently graduated in social communication with major in Journalism. Among my personal interests I may highlight   foreign languages, history and soccer; I can talk about these until you get really bored!

Everything happened so naturally for me in this industry that I can´t even tell exactly when it all started. At the age of 14 I was already involved on a photography studio and since then I just could not leave this industry – and, trust me, I tried it so many times. When I realized I was already helping some models to build up their careers abroad, it quickly became a passion and unavoidably, my own agency. I never dreamed about being an international agent, I always wanted to be a correspondent Journalist. I didn´t choose having a career in fashion, I was chosen by fashion – and I was way too in love to say no.


The fashion business: a never boring job!

I see fashion as a very serious, competitive business. Of course I am often surrounded by insanely beautiful and interesting people, but that doesn´t mean my job magically teleports me to a more glamorous planet. I do have to admit fashion is never boring, but it takes a lot of time, hard work and sleepless nights to have a solid career in this industry. Oh, and be ready to have a very confusing social/love life as fashion-outsiders not always understand how crazy our ´fashionista life´ can be. I am still looking for this so-called fashion glamour.

 IN and Out on fashion trends

For me, nothing can be trendier than being a simple, humble person. Even though I have been working with fashion for years, I still get surprised by the large amount of snobbish and arrogant personalities I get to meet in this business. I wish everyone knew that being courteous with others is so much more elegant than having that super expensive bag. Honestly, acting like you are on the top of the top is so last season!




The new generation of male and female models: a market full of opportunities for commercial and editorial models

I believe this is a market full of opportunities. Fashion is all about innovation, new trends, new possibilities and obviously new faces. There is always space for new models, but competition keeps getting harder. The market needs all types of both commercial and editorial models, so physical attributes are no longer the most important thing. You have got to be professional and understand that only having the right look is far of being enough to become a top model.


The key of success and updside/downside of a modeling career

First of all, you have to establish a goal. If you don’t know where you are going, you can never get there – right? Besides that, being self-motivated and aware of your true potential is a must. Key of success? Definitely is to share the love you have for your job.

Becoming financially independent at a young age and traveling the world and meeting a lot of interesting people are among the things I can point out as the upsides of a modeling career. Not to mention the fact that the job itself is never boring.  As for the downside I would say the worse ones are dealing with rejection, being away from home and the extreme instability – you may be on top today and no one remember you tomorrow.


Tips of Debora for the aspiring models

I would say the first step is to take your time looking for a good agency to represent you. Investigate as much as you can about them before you choose which one you will be working with. Google them, ask for reference and make as many question as you feel like, but once you get signed by an agency, you must trust them. If you want to become a model, you need to be surrounded by good professionals and be ready to develop a relationship of trust with them. Not listening to what your agent tells you to do is a big mistake – and everyone who plans to become a model should realize that right away.


The Projects

Right now I have a project called Meu Booker Me Odeia (My booker hates Me) which is a blog with tips, advices and a whole lot more about modeling. It is especially made for models and for those who plans to become one. I would say it is almost like a funny “manual” for surviving in this business. Check it out at:

An unforgettable moment:

I will always remember with a great thankful feeling the moment I realized it was time for me to surrender to the fashion business. For a long while, I really tried hard to give up working with fashion. I always thought I was not cool, fashionable or mature enough to survive in this crazy world. So one day I was at a party and a scouter friend of mine said “Debora, stop being ridiculous, you were born to do this, face it, honey”. He was so damn right!


Places Debora goes for fun

Right now, anywhere to watch soccer. I´m a huge, obsessed, soccer fan – and since my team is (finally) on a good season (Santa Cruz), I try to support it as much as I can.

Contact info

Debora Dias Model Management

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