Davinia González: “Thanks to this industry I´ve met my best friends and it has let me have experiences that I haven´t lived otherwise”

26 mai, 2012

Hello! I´m Davinia.

I was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria but I have lived in many places all over Spain and Europe for several reasons: 1. My job as a model 2. My boyfriend who is a professional basketball player 3. I have a restless ass lol.

I have a major degree in Physical Training, and I have worked as a teacher in a school and as a personal trainer. Since I have a very changing residence status I can be commited to a permanent job, which in a way, I love because I can be constantly doing new things.

Right now, I´m also studying Canine Etology and I have also decided to create my own clothing line for pets called D-Osa which you can all follow on Facebook.

Modeling, how did all begin?

I don´t actually remember the exact moment, but I know I like it since I was little. You can see on my family´s homemade video tapes, I asked my dad to record myself walking like a model. At age 14, I joined the best agency in Las Palmas, International Up, and I started working with them. In one of the runways shows, Moda Cálida, an agent from Madrid sa talked to me and then I left Canarias.

I was 17 that time and my memories from the first runway experience was the end when we all came to the runway clapping, I felt like I wanted to cry! My dream as a girl was becoming true!. The best part of it is that thanks to this industry I´ve met my best friends and it has let me have experiences that I haven´t lived otherwise.

Working with photographers

What I like the most about photo shoots is that it is a job that you can always look back at, no matter how long has past, like a photo album. My routine is pretty normal, shower, hair and body hydratation, sleep well so I can have a nice skin and face and always have my bag ready for everything I could need.

Posed naked already?

Yes, i have already posed naked, by my own request. I asked a photographer to make me and my classmates a calendar of us naked for our end of classes trip. I appear on my bycicle and my classmates with sport supplies. It was fun!!!

I would, of course, do it again only if the pictures are not obscene or vulgar.

So, in general, all my sessions have been fun.

Male models into the fashion industry

I see their role is becoming more and more prominent, even though we are still ruling the fashion world.

The catwalks: funny unusual backstages stories

It is in shows when we have more “dead time” so we get together and catch up. Normally, we only see each other between work, so we have a lot of things to tell! Like this funny thing that happened the other day: an stylist reminded me that after a show I left running while I said goodbye to a friend and didn´t see the column I had in front of me, and hit myself with the fire extintor. Everyone came laughing at me saying that this had to happened to someone, it had to be me.

I´ve worked in shows for many designers: Colcci, Custo, Moda Cálida, El Corte Inglés, Cibeles Novia, Ruben Perlotti, Roberto Torretta, Alicia Rueda, justto name a few!

A fashionista?

Not at all!!! I dress very casual and normal, comfortable clothes. For jobs and castings I dress up, but still, my style is very comfortable. For special events is when I dress up the most.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hahhahahahahahah, Its funny because something similar has happened to me in a smaller scale because I´m not that  In the same street I live, there is a LAGA Store (a Spanish clothing line) for which I´ve been the image for 3 seasons. The first time I passed by in front of the store, the owner recognized me and started saying: “It is you, you´re the girl, the LAGA girl”.

So, she made me get into the store, introduced me to the clients who were inside of the store. I laughed, they took pictures of me, and it was all very funny! I answered to a couple of questions they asked me and that´s all. After that, every time I´m into the store she tells people: “do you know who this girls is?”

Show biz, fame, success…  

I don´t like the “gossip press” and even less when I see how things are going on now, there are people who only became famous because they´ve slept with someone else.

What I like most is people being recognized for heir hard work, professionalism and for the good ideas. They DO deserve all the atention and everything.



Having fun, enjoying life

I love having dinner at home or in the restaurants with friends, get together, eat well and have a good time. I love playing board games.

Craziest thing ever in a summertime season

Pretty crazy in my life I remember when I was 20 years old and I threw myself on a boy to kiss him. I was working in Greece and I had seen him playing beach bolleyball at an european tournament. I asked him for a picture. For the first time I kissed him on the cheek, the second time he kissed me on the cheek and on the third, it was a kiss with all of it!!!

Fav body part

The full package: chest, belly, ass and legs!

In her Ipod

I dont have an Ipod. I dont listen to anything in particular. I just listen to whatever sounds on the radio

Fav food

I love oysters, seafood in general, vegetables, fishm meat and pasta, in that particular order

If u werent a model, u´d be

I would be everything else, I don´t usually do only one thing.

The Projects

Currently I have a signed contract with a online clothing brand. (BUYLEVARD), I do photoshoots with them.

I also have my own project D-OSa and I keep learning on canine education and I also would like to stay in the fashion industry for as long as it´s possible.

An unforgettable moment  

A lot!!! Meeting my boyfriend, my last exam at college qualification, when Osa (my dog) first came home, my fisst triathlon.

There´s also a moment I wont be able to forget even though it has a sad ending. I was pregnant and unfortunately I lost it by the 8th week, but when I saw the result in the test and it was positive, it was very special: happiness, fear, tears, laughing.. all at once!

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