David White on show business: “You need to grow a thick skin to not break in this business. It is fun and hard work at the same time, but I love the industry”

23 fev, 2018


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My name is David White, I am a half nigerian and half camorounes Model raised and based in Berlin Germany.

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As you all probably know, Berlin is the capital of Germany and in my opinion one of the best cities you can live.
You can be your self in this city, cause everybody is really excepting to every individualist as long as you don’t harm anybody. Apartments, restaurants and groceries are much cheaper in comparison to London, NY and Paris. So if you have a job where you don’t earn that much, you still won’t struggle to have a nice lifestyle.

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I love traveling as probably most of the models, as I can travel the world and experience different cultures. I also do love doing sports, as I work out as often as I can but more for my mind than just having a well trained body. I play handball ( the equivalent to soccer/football ) in a team, which I started when I was 9 years old.

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Modeling: how did all begin

. I always was interested in doing something onstage. So I started with dancing and singing, which are still in the list of my passions. But with 15 or 16 years, a Designer scouted me on the street and asked me to model for his new collection. And this how it all begin. I was very comfortable at the shooting even when it was a outdoors in winter. It was very cold and  I was shooting with 4 other models. But I remember that I was always the fastest with my single shots at that day, cause quickly understood what the designer and the photographer were looking for.

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The best thing about modeling is for  one the traveling and second to play different roles everytime your are onset. I love playing a character and express myself through movements and facial expressions combined with clothes.

The market for black models is getting better and better every year. It’s still not a market where 100 of black models have an equal chance to get booked. But I and also other black models do work on weekly base in here.

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Posing to photographers

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 The most I like is to figure out what the photographer wants in the case of posing and to be a part of his vision.
If it is a very successful photographer, I always try to calm myself down, cause I know I function in the best way when I am just myself and trying no to impress somebody.

I am mostly very comfortable being naked in front of the camera as long as the atmosphere is comfortable and not creepy.

One of my most unusual stories was shooting with Juergen Teller for Adidas EQT.
He came on set in a very colorful running outfit and I didn’t realize at first who he is. And than at the shooting, everything went really fast. We were shooting all over East Berlin and he was always just doing 4 – 5 pictures at every set with a model and most of the times you weren’t even really prepared. That was so random as most of the models haven’t worked with him before and didn’t now how to act.
But he is a really nice guy . We had a great dinner and drinks together after the shooting.

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Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I would try to stay calm and smile and shake hands or wave. But I would feel very overwhelmed as I don’t really like that type of attention. I wouldn’t like to have a career like the hadids. I would love to be successful and being well known by the industry but not by the public.

On show business

You need to grow a thick skin to not break in this business. It is fun and hard work at the same time and really not comparable to other businesses. Modeling is even harder than even the movie business, than in the end it is all just genetics and luck. Skills can maintain your career but to get a door in luck is all you need. But I love the industry.

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David´s style, atracting someone´s attention and enjoying life

My style is urban elegant. I love to mix very classy elegant garments with edgy elements, like a track a shick tracksuit with a bit more elegant shoes. And I love men Jumpsuits. I have quite a collection now.

As I am more of an introvert in my private life I don’t attract someones attention on purpose. Most of the times if somebody is not approaching me, I won’t  not get to now anybody.
My way to have fun nowadays is having a small gather at a friends place talking and having some drinks, reading a nice book or watching netflix at home. And if i want to go crazy, I go dancing on sunday afternoon in Berghain in Berlin the best techno club of the world.


Craziest thing ever done in a Summertime season

One of the coolest and craziest things I have done in summertime, was going skydiving in Cape town. It was always my dream to do it and where better can you do this than in of the most beautiful parts of the world. The free fall was amazing and even if I am actually kinda afraid of heights I still jumped without hesitation. That was one of the best days in my life so far.

Fav body part and underwear

My favorite body parts are the eyes. It is the first part where I look at a person. I like it how powerful they can be in the way of expression. I am myself very expressiv through my eyes.

I don’t really care about underwear brands but I have one pair of Abercrombies which make everything on that area look really nice.

Fav booking so far

My favorite bookings were of course my Adidas EQT Campaign with Juergen Teller and my GQ Style Editorial with Neil Kirk. It is amazing to work with people who are in the industry since more than 30 years and have worked with most important people in the fashion industry. I always felt blessed and honored to be photographed by them and maybe learn something.

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Yourself in 10 years

In 10 years I see myself still working in the fashion industry but probably not anymore as a model. I want to work as a Casting director, if they are still going to be relevant.

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Next chapters

My upcoming project is to go for modeling in thailand as I have signed with an agency there.

I am David White. I am 27 years old. I am 6’0

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I am wearing a size 9 ½

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Insta: @mynameisdavidwhite
My Mother agency is M4 Models in Germany. http://www.m4models.de/news

Interview by Ed, the brazilian blogger


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