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19 ago, 2017

Hello  world of models team, It’s been a while thanks for having me . My name is David Schaefer I’m a  Swiss Croatian Actor Model and Pop Dance Singer born in Basel Switzerland the Town where Roger Federer was born   he just won Wimbledon again. You  can Imagine Switzerland is going to have a big party.  

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                      How did all Begin, castings and villains!                       ,

                      I decided to become an actor in 2015 I exactly remember the moment I was in London trying to work as a model anna was over 3 months in a model apartment  with no castings and no model Job which was a bit strange. After being bored to  laugh   I just saw an add actors needed for a student film . I knew I have 7 years experience as a model in front of the camera and acting could be a new challenge  so let’s give it a go. So happy I did it’s funny but I booked my first acting audition and was lead in a student film . The director liked me I was brutally honest said I have no acting experience but lots of life experience.

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After a cold reading of my lines of the character I got booked the role I couldn’t believe it. Since then I knew this is so much fun I wanna do this.  I must say I didn’t make any cent but I didn’t care, I just started a new adventure :-) I must say cause of my height 6.4 and build I often go for auditions for villain roles, kinda playing the bad boy often which is a lot of fun as I can show my Croatian side of me. But I like also comedy so I either get booked for playing and bad boy or a funny goofy character . Never know what comes next love that in acting .

On show business, Fame, Success and other stuffs 

 I think the show business is  a business that never gets boring I learned so much since I was signed to a german pop band in 2008 followed up with 7 years of international modeling and now acting .  I’m beyond grateful. I had massive ups and downs in my career and still going through it at times,but hey what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I learned to focus more on positive things in life like my family meditation and lots of good people surrounding me which helps to do my job the best I can . 



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I think fame is something that can come with success but I really learned I just wanna do my job the best I can and hopefully inspire people and especially give young people an idea if you work hard for something and believe you can move mountains. I don’t mind to be famous one day but if not it’s not priority stay fit and healthy is more important.  

 I learned over the years that success can be very moody thing one day you get a lot of it then months nothing but that’s why it’s important always seeing the journal.  I always say it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon, enjoy to give your best everyday all we can do .

 If I could choose most important things for my life  it’s definitely my family,  love them! Also  my best friend who pushes me everyday to see the big picture and love him for his support.  My iPhone  to answer all the emails haha and a great book to read  and very important good music. I need music,

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Actors spoted in big fashion campaigns

 This is true, a lot of actors are getting seen in big campaigns I think that’s great but at the same time makes it harder to get booked for  fashion models cause they have big competition with people like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp who have massive following and get often booked for big fragrance campaigns.  I love fashion I think without fashion I might never end up in acting it build my personality and all these travels and meeting wonderful cultures made me I think a better actor .  I learned to but all my experiences in my acting characters, sad happy fun and it’s working.

 The fashion world

Fashion can be very glamorous and you can really experience a live like you normally would not experience in other áreas.  Great parties, very interesting people to meet but there is also another side which is not that glamorous, like 6 models in one room together, lot of castings failing, hearing you are too tall,  too big,  too skinny haha, yes that all happens but like I Said, it’s all experience in the end and I still love walking catwalks and meet my designer friends, clients and hear about what is going on in fashion.   It really never gets boring and now since I work more as an actor it makes me also a better model, especially in tv commercial .


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Posing to photographers

 I was always so bad but now I learn to be way more natural in front of the camera . I would love to work with Mario Testino or Peter Lindbergh. I love the way they shoot pictures and campaigns. I mean I’ve been 7 years in fashion, never met them but maybe one day.  Never know, keep dreaming.

Beauty and Relationships

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I think beauty is very important in a business like fashion cause it’s really almost all about looks but generally speakin, I love people with a good heart of personality. I would rather go with someone nice eating dinner than someone absolutely beautiful but no heart. 

 Loving x Dating

Having both is a plus

Imagine u a famous actor surrounded by a huge crowd!, Fans and Paparazis

I’m always happy when people come to me a//nd  appreciate what I do so being stalked by a nice crowd I wouldn’t mind. I’m luckily not contact shy and love people in general if they respectful I will always take my time . I think fans are a big part of every famous actor model or celebrity without there support they wouldn’t be where they are.  So Yes, I do have a few people following me from music times haha funny and I love getting so many positive messages from people on Facebook and it gives me as well the motivation to better everyday and make them proud .

 I love to help people so I always give back whatever I can cause life is about giving and taking .  I think paparazzis do their job like everyone else. Of course, there some crazy ones who doesn’t respect limits but I always say without the paparazzis the stars would be not so much in the media . So it’s a hate love relationship. I’m not in this stage yet but I feel if one day I would be nice to them and hope they respect my privacy if not I start hating them too kidding.  

David´s style and enjoying life

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I would I say my style is pretty street style casual, I often wear white t shirts, nice pair of jeans and some cool sneakers and boots . If I go to a red carpet event or movie premiere I do wear  a nice suit like from Hugo Boss or Gandhum London menswear fashion brand. 

 People who know me know that I love Boxing and martial arts but I also love to run. It’s keeping me sharp mentally. In the evening you probably find me in the gym lifting heavy weights. I’m currently in a movie preparation so I almost live in the gym lol  


If I wanna attract someone’s attention I usually start with a nice eye contact followed up with a smile, then I speak to the person . Or I just start to sing and get their attention haha I usually spend lots of times in nature and love going for hikes especially here in Switzerland. We have such amazing mountains and country side often just take a few friends with me and we go for a road trip or we pack some stuff and I show them London and the amazing nightlife and beautiful parks and city.

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I think  one of the craziest thing ever did was after losing a bet to a bunch of friends in Istanbul in a model apartment  I had to be half naked in underwear on the balcony for fifteen minutes and it was winter like insane cold. I was doing push ups on the balcony while getting filmed from models haha everyone still remembers that moment.  Today when I see them we talk about i .

 Fav body part and underwear

I think my favourite body part if I need to choose one is my face.   Clients always say it’s very strong and I guess that’s a good thing when it comes to play movie characters.

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Best underwear and I stick with them are Calvin Klein, you can never go wrong with them.

Food and Music

 My favourite food is Italian pizza or pasta and I’m happy.

 Favourite music is soul music, like Marvin Gaye or Michael Jackson, Prince. I love all kind of soul RnB.

Superpowers and Superheroes

  If I could have a super power I would love to would be able to put peace in every human beings heart cause that’s the only thing we nee, if we look at the world lots of peace and Love. My favourite super hero is clearly Batman, he’s fighting for a better world and I’m a fan since a little kid. I even had the bat mobile and costume as a little kid, hahaa memories.

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Fav booking so far

 My favourite booking so far was in modelling the Gandhum men’s wear campaign in London. We got featured in Vogue U.K. Esquire UK and many more. I love the brand and the whole team check it out great suits .

In acting it was the feature Film Return of the Don which got me first invitation to Cannes Film festival last year, a big moment also I was playing the first time a Russian gangster called Artem Chernakov was lots of fun and kickstarted my professional acting career. Very grateful had the chance work with such a experienced director called Malcolm Benson. We became good friends and planning more projects together . 





Earliest childhood memories

When  I was playing soccer all day with my friends until mother was calling us.  My nickname in school was Fitscho haha and my oldest brother still calls me fitscho I have not much of an idea how I got this name but I remember my brother told me we called you like this cause in Croatia was a old car called fitscho and since then we called you fitscho . I screamed fitscho all the time, so they called me like a car haha.

If u weren´t a model and actor

I probably would work in the fitness industry which I love and sports is a big part of my life. And Yes, personal training is something I would look into and help people be more healthy and active.

David , from here to the next 10 years

I hope I’ll be in 10 years still acting, having a beautiful family myself and be healthy and fit to take new adventures in life. 

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 An unforgettable moment

When I booked my first men’s health cover. I always want to be on that magazine and when I reached my goal I remember it was very emotional moment, hard work paid off.

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Upcoming Projects

 eature Film called the true story of Pinnochio, shooting release 2019. Working on a autobiographical feature Film about my life, release late 2018. Many other projects, but are more confidential.

I wanna thanks you guys, it’s such a pleasure and I’m looking forward to the next interview soon.

Big hugs


 Name : David Schaefer

  Facebook David Schaefer

Age : 32

Shoesize: 44


Height : 194cm

Weight : 85 Kg

 Agency: Bold Artist Management  


,Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor




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