David Koch: “If I could have a super power I would put most of my power in my family and my people cause they are the most important value to me”

16 jun, 2013

I´m from Niederklein, a small village in Germany. I like soccer and swimming and going to the Cinema with my friends too.

Modeling, Photographers and catwalks: the fashion world!

I was discovered  when I was walking down the  street while shopping. My first testshoot was at the garage by a friend of my parents.

When I work with the photographers I enjoy the communication between me and them cause my English is getting better and better and then we can reach a great result.

I´ve never posed naked and I can´t judge it. I really don´t want to do that. But standing there in underwear is no problem.

The best catwalk I ever did was my first one in Paris it was for Thierry Mugler. I´ve also walked for Pierre Cardin , Patrick Mohr and Kilian Kerner (The last ones are German Designers)

The first time I was really excited but now I just really feel pleasure and joy to it. But it is certainly still an awesome feeling to walk in front of many

The special thing about fashion shows is the previous prepation. It takes hours till everybody has the right styling people

Male Models x Female Models

I think theres a difference between male and female models. It is a female market like soccer is a male market, but male models also can do good work and the focus on male models is rising in the modeling business.

My favourite model is Kate Moss because she is very changeable. Nobody has inspired me for pursuing a modeling career because I didnt know any male model before starting to be one, except Marcus Schenkenberg.

Imagine u  famous model, surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would absolutely stay calm ​​because there is a lot of important jobs out there but, honestly, I can´t imagine a situation like that!

David´s style A fashionista?

I like the casual style in my free time. But when I´m going out I´m a little fashionista.  I like skinny jeans and shirts with a huge cutout, but my style is changeable

Dating X Loving

I do not have to go out on a date anymore, because I allready have a great girlfriend, but otherwise I might have a date romantic and loving

Having fun, enjoying life

I enjoy life while having time with my familiy, my girlfriend or my friends and watching soccer. My favourite soccer club is Borussia Dortmund and I love to be in the stadium

Fav body part and why

I love my cheekbones, they are great

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

I do not have any favourite underwear, sometimes small ones, sometimes wide ones, it depends on the situation

If you could have a super power what would it be? And who is your favorite superhero?

I would put most of my power in my family and my people cause they are the most important value to me. If I set a goal I would like to create then. Ashton Kutcher is my superhero because he has managed to jump from the model to a great actor

In his Ipod

I love chartmusic, I´m hearing what is actually playing in the radio

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

I would be a police officer, but maybe i will be one after modeling. Its never too late.


Don´t dream your life, live your dreams.

An Unforgettable Moment

The Campaign of Anjo da Guarda and Massimo Dutti, I also like the movie for the campaign of Massimo Dutti I´ve made in barcelona. These were the best moments in my career so far.

The Upcoming Projects

Next step are the summer fashion shows in Milan and Paris, thats all I know so far. In the model business it is always a suprise where your next step will be. You have to be spontaneous.

Full name: David Koch Age: 21 years old. My mother agency is the Special in Hamburg, a small but good one./


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