David Filipiak: “I think men are getting more exposure with advertising, however, I understand that advertising and marketing for fashion is based on sex appeal”

10 jan, 2014

Hello World of Models Family, I was born in New York and then moved to southern California for the better weather. 



I grew up in Laguna Hills and played sports my whole life.  I went to college on a baseball scholarship to UC Santa Barbara and transferred to UCSD after 2 years.  I graduated UC San Diego with a degree in Economics.  I know currently live in Las Vegas with my wife.  We got married in August of 2012 and couldn’t be happier.  We love to go to dinners, watch movies and hangout with our puppy.




Modeling: how did all begin

I decided to start modeling at the age of 24.  I was offered many financial investing jobs out of college but really did not want to be in an office from 9-5 for the rest of my life.   I contacted several agencies and then signed with David Todd in Los Angeles.  My first test shoot went great.  I had no idea what I was doing but Nate Jensen (photographer) did a great job on instructing me and making me feel comfortable. 

The best part about modeling for me is the travelling.  I love to travel and I have received opportunities to visit places I typically would not have went to on my own.

Posing to photographers: establishing a good and fun relationship

When I have to do a shoot I really like to establish a good, fun relationship with the photographer.  I like to know the style of the photographer so we can work together to get the best images possible while having a fun time.  

I´m not a fan of being naked in front of the camera.  I have done several underwear ads and I don’t mind those, but I´m not one to rip all my clothes off haha.




The runway shows

Runway is a fun type of modeling.  I think it is funny how much stress and preparation go into putting on a show.  When it comes down to the actual fashion show, they most always go perfect.  While walking down the runway the only thing that I am thinking of is, is the client going to be happy with the walk and damn I need to change quickly into my next outfit. Haha.

Male models x Female models: who rule the fashion industry?

Well, I think men are getting more exposure with advertising,  however, I understand that advertising and marketing for fashion is based on sex appeal.  As we know, women clearly have been more dominant in exuding that, thus men still are on the back burner when it comes to ruling the business but men are definitely making great strides in the industry.





Any role model as na inspiration for your career?

I necessarily don’t have any favorite male or female models but have been inspired by the way companies can advertise to make their product sell.

David´s style: a fashionista?

I am definitely not a fashionista!  I commonly wear gym shorts and tank tops around the house and out to do errands.  I am a firm believer in being comfortable in my clothes on a daily basis and not concerned about the fashion statements I am making to others.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, assuming no one is being inappropriate, I would take the time and take pictures and say hello to everyone.  The idea of them showing such interest and passion is very humbling and I would be grateful for that.





Show business, Fame, Success…

I think the business is very diverse.  There are so many different sides to it, such as: commercials, catalogue, editorials and runways.  Although they are all categorized under the same industry, they are all very separate in the way the business is constructed. 

David on dating, loving , models and life!

To simply describe me as a person I can say the following.  I am a married man and a devoted husband who loves to live life, travel and play a lot of sports

I find a good way to live life is to keep up with physical activity and eat healthier foods, because your body feels could from staying in shape which also allows you to feel good about yourself. 

As for dumb things models say, I cant say that I can pinpoint one specific statement but the one thing that absolutely annoys me are the models who talk so much about their life and their accomplishments as opposed to just simply being a normal person and talk about normal things.  No one likes to hear people talk about how great they are or how cocky they are! Big time annoying.




The Projects

I have recently shot with Old Navy and several International companies overseas.  I have a few projects coming up  that will allow me to travel the world so I am excited about that.  


My main motto is just to always have fun and have a positive/realistic approach to life and achieving your goals. 


My mother agent is David Todd Model Management based in Los Angeles.


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