David Deen: from pop singer to international model

05 dez, 2013

I wish the World of models team happy birthday!!  And all people out there Merry x mas and a very happy New year 2014


Hi, my name is David Schaefer artist name in music David Deen.
I was born in a little village 15 min outside of Basel, Switzerland .  I am swiss and half croatian 28 years old.


Pop music, lyrics and modeling: a cool experience!

Before I started modeling I was a singer songwriter and I am still doing music . I started in a pop group in Germany on the big tv channel super RTI. My band was signed to the music label Sony Music 

More than one year we travelled to whole Europe until we decided to go separate ways because every one had solo plans.  I had showcases in front of 30 000 people which was an amazing feeling – maybe one of the best I ever had. But you also realize that the music industry is similar like modeling: you learn every day from positive experience and negative.



I went after my pop band end to a shopping trip to Vienna, Austria and I got approached by a famous model scout if I wanted to be a model. He told me “do you wanna be a model” or better question “are you a model?” I said no and he told me I should try. I´m tall, slim and I look similar to Andres Velencoso at this time. I had no idea who he was because I was not having a clue about modeling.

We were setting up a test shooting in Stuttgart, Germany. The pictures looked horrible haha. I remember because I had no idea what was a pose, what was  male modeling what was a composite. I came from a totally different background MUSIC:-)



I learned slowly how to use my face, how to look sexy and begin to love the work and the traveling.  The best thing about modeling so far for me is travelling and meeting such nice different cultures. For example, you go to China  for one of your first modeling trips and you realize you are pretty different than this people. They look at you and thing first you are a giant haha.  

I remember they took pictures of me when I arrived at the airport haha. It was a funny experience. I´m pretty tall with 6.3 but after you realize  their culture is amazing  and very nice people who are just interested in you because you are very different.


I started living in crazy modeling apartment with 6 different nationalities russian brazilian , israeli , and more – what I most like on modeling is every day is a different day – you learn from living in 5 star hotels to live in trashy modeling apartments. I remember showering cold or sharing a small room, it is good life experience. I´ve learned we don´t need much to be happy. Modeling  made me who I am with my parents included. I´m very thankful.

I like to work on islands alot , because it doesn´t feel like work  for example Cape town is beautiful or Malaysia. When I was there for a shoot I could take a swim in the breaks:) )))

I remember another experience  in Germany when I had to jump in a pool and it was winter believe me I don´t like cold showers haha so I don´t really like to jump in a cold pool felt like ice water:-)). But the pictures turned out great which is the main important thing in modeling . do the job right :-)  



I don´t really prepare myself when I go to a shooting with a photographer the most important thing is being yourself , and go with the flow. I eat pretty healthy low carbs  for 2 weeks work out alot  like 5-6 times a week. Do cardio is the best  running mixed with low weights to look great for a shoot.

Concerning posing naked I´d do it for the right job like a nice fragrance ampaign with the right photographer. I feel comfortable infront of camera with my body:). But the most important for me that it looks arty. I do nothing that looks pornographic.

David Deen Sedcard Pictures Photographer Alexander Palacios

The runway experiences

I had 2 funny experiences. I got booked for a  big fashion show in a tv channel , and I remember the rehersal was great. We walked all down the runway and were ready to do the main show. but when it was my turn you must see there are alot of people watching this show.

Then in the end of the runway I had to make a turn I crashed on the runway, the next one behind me too as well the girls and then all hahahaahah. I laughed so much because of the shock — the workers before forgot to clean up the floor and there was still a bit of water on the stage with cleaning soup haha



when I walk down the runway most of the time I´m focused to look sexy , you just thing this is your run and you just enjoy it alot!  But also sometimes when you are over tired from flying around a lot, not sleeping, it happens you walk down the runway and feel dizzi or have problems not falling asleep haha. In situations like that I take a black strong  coffee before!!!!

I´ve worked for a couple designers,  Gilded Age, Anna Francesca and many more.


 Male models x Female models

I think male models still don´t have this exposure or chances to be recognized as women do! The rates are lower, but it´s getting better as you can see with models like David Gandy.  I understand that women have more competition but there also have more magazines and possibilities to work with.

David´s style: a fashionista?

I´m not really a fashionnista, i just like to wear privat stuff like jeans white t shirt v neck  and my converse. we get dressed all the time in expensive clothes that models like to wear simple things when there privat most of them i know hahah:)

Having fun. enjoying life

I like to enjoy my free time alot when I´m not modeling- for example going out with friends, having a nice dinner, doing lots of sports and hiking!  And there is still my love music which I do most of the time in my free time.

Atracting someone´s attention

My way attracting someones attention is just trying to be myself, if the vibe is right you will attract people never try to hard just be yourself and if it attracts the person great if not its not a problem. i love to go to barcelona, paris new york are great cities to have fun with friends or alone always something funny is happening

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I think being famous one day of the other when you do a big thing can be very overwhelming but, I think I grew up in a family I always learned to be humble and I am also naturally very humbled so I think I could handle it very well and stay the same!  Because in modeling you  get prepared for up and down times.  Example: living in expensive hotels, living in model apartments so you enjoy the moments in every kind of situation the best you can!

Any role model as an inspiration for your career?

I never really had a role model, but who really inspired me when I started my modeling career is Markus Schenkenberg.  He is still for me the first male model that worked really hard and looking at him he is over 40 and still looks like a 20 year old.  He comes from a generation that knows what it means to work hard and modeling is hard work . Big respect for Markus :)


If you could have a super power what would it be?

If I would have a super power I would use it to  good things for example peace! My favorit super hero was and is still Batman haha.

i heard a model say ones : i like the president from iran george bush , but i thought it was funny because i thought she makes a joke!

Craziest thing in a summer time season

When I was with my last girlfriend in the holidays and she wanted to get tan  without bikini  haha so was day time in Italy  and then we found a nice spot, we took our clothes off and enjoyed mother nature and the sun. After5 min a group of touriste walked by.  We never expected them there haha. It was so funny I never saw someone dressing up like me and my girl at that time! :)




Fav singers

Marvin Gaye,  Justin timberlake and Bruce Springsteen


Italian pizza, pasta. I know they are not good for modeling but I love it

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

I love to wear D&G and CK, but I must say I have all kind of brands as long they look great and are comfortable, that´s the main thing.




If you weren´t a model, u´d be….

If I would not be a model / artist I would be working in  Business or no. Maybe I would have a nice bar in Brasil or somewhere else on the beach and just enjoy my life.

The Projects

My upcoming projects are going to New York and Milan for a few jobs , and then i record new songs . My current music you can find here:



Thank you very much for the great interview and I wish you guys all the best!!

david schaefer aka david deen

Contact info Sight Management http://www.sight-management.com/



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