Stylists and fashion designers, so stylish! Episode 1: Dário Shoupaiwisky

08 fev, 2011

Start to spread the news my dear World of Models family. I´ve just launched my new series on stylists and fashion designers. From now on, you´ll be reading about the work and inspiration of these terrific professionals that make the fashion industry a fascinating business. And in my episode#1, I invited Dario Shoupaiwisky, the stylist from Recife, Brazil and chief editor of online mag Of the Moda. Have fun!

Producing looks and editorials for cool brands!

Hi everyone, I’m Dário Shoupaiwisky, 21 years old, born and currently living in Pernambuco, Brazil. I’m a stylist and work at EP Models Creative. I´ve been working in this field since 2008 for clients like The Coca-Cola Clothing, Forum and Sommer´s showroom. Nowadays I also work as a  fashion consultant, in stores like Empório HD. I’m the chief editor of the online magazine Of The Moda We produce montly exclusive editorials. My personal goals are to be able to know new cultures around the world, launch a print version of my online mag, marry and have kids.

I decided to work as a stylist after my graduation as a designer in late 2007. Once I´ve learned about it, I realized that my focus was to produce looks and editorials, instead of creating collections and a brand. Currently one of my favorite references is the stylist Nicolas Formichetti. I really like the way he “translates” the fashion. His ideas makes me think a lot about the fashion.


Basicaly what I always seek in my work are the inspirations in musics, movies, images. Something that I’m feeling at the creation´s moment. Something that the world is going through. So, decide which theme I´ll work on. I call the photographer and the makeup artist to discuss the ideas, just like a brainstorm and then we are ready for the castings in order to see which model will better represent our project.

Glamour, Aesthetics, egoes….

“Living” in the fashion world is very complicated. We have to deal with aesthetics, egoes all the time, so we need to be careful and most of all, professionalism is the key. Whenever I can, I try to go out with my buddies to talk about things not related to fashion world. Of course, glamour is one of our goals, so most of the time we have to bring out to the audience the essence of the fashion world and glamour is part of this business, but if we analyse very deeply, it is just a job like any other. There are difficulties, stress, tiredness, goals, etc.


Concerning  market x models, nowadays modeling  market is looking for an androgyne look for both men and women. The dictatorship of thinness is still present, altough we see lots of new plus size models doing some cool fashion campaigns.

The cool fashion trends

Be able to mixture pink with Orange and green, all in one look.
Looks in all white or made of lace remains a great choice for warmer days. And prints of animals (leopard and snake) and thicker stripes will give your look a modern and irreverent style.

Worldwide economic crisis really affected the fashion world?

The crisis came and affected the world, as general and with fashion there was no difference at all. Many brands and companies had to reduce their production, focusing on smaller and more commercial collections in order to not losing customers.

The key of the success. Upside and downside on a modeling career

Study, Strive and hard work. Focus on what you really want for your modeling career and  and go for it! This career allow you to be such different and unique characters working with such amazing stylists and fashion designers around the world!Take good care of your image, body, mind and soul!

2011 according Dário

It was a great pleasure to share with you guys a little bit of my my life and projects at this cool site. I would like to say to everyone who enjoys this fashion world that this business is not always just luxury and glamor. To be on top you need to put a lot of effort on it, study and work hard. But when we get the result we see that everything was worth it.
This year,  my online fashion mag Of the Moda gets a new editorial, lots of cool new stuffs! Regarding my work as a stylist, I intend to produce more editorial campaigns, travel a lot and share information. So, stay tuned folks!

Dário Shoupaiwisky
Contact info: Of The Moda |