Dani Witt: the model who came from south

25 fev, 2012

Hi World of Models, it´s a pleasure to be here. My mane is Dani. I live in the south of Brazil.

I never thought about being a model. I was discovered by an agent at the mall in my hometown when I was 15.

My fisrt test shooting was in São Paulo, I was nervous but it was a good experience.


What she likes most about modeling

Travelling and meeting people around the world.

Photography: magic moment

Photography is a magic moment, we need to be connected to the photographer.

Male models x Female models

Women still rule the fashion world.

Feeling comfortable

I like to wear confortable clothes, so it makes me feel nice.

Famous models surrounded by a huge crowd?

I´d try to calm down and be nice to everyone


Most important things for her life

GOD, family, love, friends and money.

Dating X Love



Volleyball, Running

Atracting someone´s attention  

Being myself

Having fun, enjoying life

Hanging out with my buddies, parties and staying with my family

Fav body part


In her Ipod


Fav food


An unforgettable moment

My first time modeling in NY

Mother agency: Joy model Porto Alegre http://www.joymodelmanagement.com/modelos/porto-alegre

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