New faces rock, the series. Episode 15: Danilo Ferreira

18 dez, 2010

Season´s greets from Danilo





 Hello World of Models family, I´m Danilo Ferreira, a 18-year-old-brazilian-guy, I was born in Salvador, Bahia. I´ve been living in Rio de Janeiro since I was 8 years old,  and like any other person, I´m searching for my personal and professional dreams. My aim is to become a successful model and to work abroad, meeting new people and different cultures around the world. I´ve been also studying Acting since I was 9 so I intend to be a professional actor soon that is my great goal!



In November 2009 I was in Salvador, and my mom signed me up for a modeling workshop. There I met the scouter Sergio Mattos owner of 40º Models and he invited me to join his casting.

My first job as a model was

 a program called “Parental Control” by Boomerang channel. I was one of the models featured in the vignette of this program and I really enjoyed this first experience.

Working with photographers and the unusual backstages!



I always read about the photographers styles, their way of working through their lens and I also have a previous talking to them about the shooting. It helps me a lot so when I´m ready I just let it flows!

I don´t have much catwalks experience yet. I´ve walked for Manoel Ozi and Akihito Hira. One of these catwalks I remember that I had  my lips painted and in the backstages there were lots of female models  almost naked! Definitelly it was quite an unusual and interesting experience! lol

 A Fashionista?

I just want to feel myself comfortable using cool clothes

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

I´d try to talk to everyone, after all this is part of the game!

Show biz, Fame, Success and 5 most important things for his life

It´s a tough market, but I think if you work as a real professional there always be a great opportunity for everyone. Fame is just a result to all those things involved but success demands hard work and focus.
$ most important things for my life are
# 1 GOD
# 2 My family
# 3 Health
# 4 Love
# 5 Money

Dating X Love: I am not a womanizer. I´m enjoying my single life at this moment
Sports: Running, Swimming and Basketball
Atracting someone´s attention: I like the eyes contact, be a gentleman to the girls and then here we go!
Having fun: Being with family, chilling out with my buddies, outdoor activities, the sea, going to snack bars, clubs, I try to enjoy the simple life!


Craziest thing he´s ever done in a summertime season: Spending six hours behind a electric trio during a carnival in Salvador was very crazy and pretty good too!
Best place for having sex: In bed!
Fav body part: my eyes
Fav singers: Alicia Keys, Phil Collins (easy Lover is my favorite song)
Fav food: the bahian cuisine – I like it soooooooooooo much!
An unforgettable moment: my first time in the catwalk!

Thanks a lot World of Models!
Danilo Ferreira

Contact info: 40º Models


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