Daniel Sobieray: “I became a model out of college and it has led me to this career in the film and TV business”

20 abr, 2012

H,i my name is Daniel Sobieray I am 28 years old and I was born in Newport Beach CA. I moved to Colorado when I was young and grew up there.

I am the oldest of 4 brothers and  2 sisters and I have 1 step brother and 1 step sister.  I played all sports growing up as a kid and was very active. I was able to get a scholarship to a school in Michigan for college to play Ice Hockey.

Modeling and Acting. How did all start

I was offered to do modeling for Men’s Health and Fitness Magazine while in college. After I finished school I was offered to move to Europe to model for a 1 year contract. I was there for 18 months and have modeled in runway and print projects all over Europe.

I moved to California after I was offered a role on a soap Opera called ALL My Children. I was on the show for 2 years before it was cancelled. I have done numerous TV shows and Movies since I have moved to LA and will continue to pursue Acting and Modeling for the rest of my life.

I became a model out of college and it has led me to this career in the film and TV business. I am so thankful and feel so lucky everyday that I have the opportunity to work in this industry.

Playing roles: pushing himself to the limit

I have enjoyed this entire process and look forward to working with top professionals in this industry. My favorite role right now are one that require a lot of physicality and intensity, like films such as Xmen, Iron man or Thor. Due to my upbringing as a child being very active, I want to play these roles while I am young enough to push myself to the limit. I hope to focus on more dramatic roles as I progress in my career.

Show biz, Fame, Success

I enjoy the work and the process but as far as the fame or being recognized I know its very much part of being an actor but I am very private and could really care less about all that. I just want to tell great stories and touch people in all corners of the world. Its  very interesting to me that by playing a role in a film or TV show I can effect a person I have never met that lives 1000 or more miles away. When I have time off I like to spend it with my family.

The unusual/funny backstages moments

A moment I remember on set that sticks out to me is one time we were doing a scene where a female in a beautiful dress was supposed to walk in to my office and when she went through the door her dress got caught on a nail in the door way and her entire top fell off she was so embarrassed they she ran of set in tears and it took half a day to get her to calm down put on a new dress and shoot the scene. It was a funny but very long day.

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Having fun, enjoying life: Cooking

I also like to cook, I like to try and make very fancy meals and drink nice wine in the privacy of my own home. Most of the time the meal does not turn out like the picture but I enjoy trying drinking wine while I am cooking. It´s really fun! I usually do this once or twice a month on the weekend when I have time.

Dating X Loving

I believe in true love and hope to find that someday.

In his Ipod

I love all kinds of music and it really depends on my mood

 His secret to be a in good shape

I don’t drink except for a glass of wine or two every now and then, I do not smoke or do drugs and I work out everyday and eat very healthy, I believe that buy doing this it has helped me to create a certain body shape and feel good inside and out.

I do not identify myself as a model or being beautiful every time i look at a photo I just see myself that’s kinda silly easy going self. I hope this gives you an Idea of who I am and what I am about.

The Projects

I have a film coming out in Apr. 2012 called Kamikaze Love so keep your eyes open !!!

Thank you for taking the time to check me out and keep you eyes open cause I have some big things to come!!!!
to see more of my film and tv work here is the link-   http://www.imdb.me/danielsobieray.com


Full name- Daniel C. Sobieray

Contact Manager- T.J Stein at the Stein Entertainment Group.
                           ph- 323-822-1400


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