Model Daniel Broitman: some highlights on his modeling career

18 dez, 2010

The year 2010, according Daniel , the brazilian model who came from Niterói




Hello guys, nice to be back again to share some of my updates on my modeling career since our last chat Recently I´ve been working with such amazing photographers (Vicente de Paulo, Robert Voltaire, Paula Klien, Cesar Dutra, doing creative and daring editorials. In other words, very inspiring jobs




Photographer Vicente de Paulo

I worked in a editorial that took place in

Rio de Janeiro´s beaches in a sunny day. Check it out guys!



Photographer Robert Voltaire and the 40º Models!

Here I am with my buddies from 40º Models, my mother agency. Another awesome day in the ‘carioca´s beaches!


The project It’s Raining Men with photographer Paula Klien

It was very cool to have been chosen to participate in the project It’s raining Men by photographer Paula Klein (she has already been interviewed by Ed here at World of Models. Do not miss her interview   – post the link!). I didn´t know about this project before meeting Paula, so I had no previous preparation. Paula selected me to be one of the hot guys through my bookig and the pics took place in a studio located in Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. You guys cam see the final result. Just grab this fantastic book, on sale in the major bookstores here in Brazil!


The Fetish editorial with photographer César Dutra


I was in São Paulo when my booker called me for a shooting with the photographer César Dutra, so I arrived at the place without really knowing what the shooting was about. Then Cesar explained that the editorial was about fetish and I had to wear some women´s accessories lol lol! I must admit that in a first moment I wasn´t sure if I´d really like to do that editorial, but once I start to pose to the lens of this terrific professional, it was a great experience!
publishing photos cesar dutra



The funny backstages moments

Always happen! In one of my first catwalks I was really nervous and before starting to walk, there comes a journalist to interview me. In my first answer, I suddenly knock my face to the microphone she was holding! A model (a friend of mine just behind me) starts to shout loud “Hey dude, this mic is not a cotton candy!” It didn´t really help me at all, You guys can imagine such an embarassing situation! I just became even more nervous and I can´t remember what I answered to journalist lol lol lol!


Unusual moments happen when I go to catwalks in small cities. People treat you, like a celebrity, especially the girls, so you guys can imagine how crazy situation when they see such gorgeous guys  lol lol lol!

Daniel by himself

Sports, Dating, Undies, Parfums….

My secret to be in a good shape? jiu-jitsu and boxing
Dating X Love: You know me Ed, I´m a quiet guy, not a womanizer and I don´t do crazy things lol lol!
To keep fit I train jiu-jitsu and boxing
My favorite undies  are CK all the way!
I love pizza!
Paco Rabanne Black XS


I also did an international fashion campaign for American Crew and some editorials and runway shows for Blue Man, R Groove. For 2011, besides modeling, I want to go back to my studies checar o que ele estuda

And that’s all folks! My special thanks to my buddy Ed and for the World of Models family I wish a safe and terrific year!
Peace, Health and Harmony today and forever
Daniel Broitman
Contact info
Rio de janeiro: 40º Models
São Paulo: Joy Model Management

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