Daiane Wessler: “I really like catwalks. Every time I walk, I see my dream come true. It is a truly unique experience”

21 abr, 2011

Hi everybody, my name is Daiane Wessler and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share a little bit about myself. I’m a girl from a city located in the southern part of Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina. Everyone has a dream and since I was a kid, my dream was to become a model.



Modeling is not as easy as it seems and I’m still working hard to achieve my aims. Since the beginning I had the support of my family, which helped me to face the difficult situations. Modeling is just like any other profession; you work hard to make your money, but what is most important is   to do what you like, and I enjoy this profession. I know, it´s  not a long career but I’m still young and I have a long way ahead of me. I’m glad to have had good job opportunities so far and also the chance to live in different countries and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

How did all start

I started modeling 7 years ago, I was scouted when I participated in a local contest in my hometown. I had only made it to the second round, but the agency which scouted me had also organized this contest and invited me to join them. My first test shooting was fine, although I didn’t have any experience at all.

Working with photographers and the cool catwalks.


When working with a photographer, I feel it is important to have a good connection with him/her. When there is synergy, the work is easier and the results are always good. I don’t have any special previous preparationt, I just talk with them to understand what they want and I try to focus on that.


Regarding the backstages, there is always a funny story or situation that occurs, I think I will need a lot more additional pages to describe it, Haha =) 

I really like catwalks. Every time I walk I see my dream come true. It is a truly unique experience. I have done a lot of fashion shows including Calvin Klein, Guess, Chanel…

Daiane, a fashionista?

I like to see the fashion trends, but I have my own style, I use a lot of basic and comfortable clothes =) I love jeans and t-shirts for my dayly apparel.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd. How u´d handle it?

Haha good question, I think I´d act normally, if possible!!! But I think only when it happens, I´ll know how to handle it.

Human Rights, Freedom of Speech, Wars, Sexual behavior…
We have new ways to comunicate (Internet, smartphones, etc), the world is getting “small” nowadays, so it is very important to be open to understanding other people´ beliefs (religion, sexual behavior, political views,etc). I have had the chance to live in many different countries, each with their own perceptions of human rights and freedom of speech. This has shown me how important it is to have ability to express the individualities of human being.

Show biz, Fame, Success and the  most important things for her life
It is amazing how show business influences people nowadays. Personally, I think is important that people follow, watch or participate in programs or projects which advocate self-improvement. For me, Fame is a recognition of lifelong work and Success upon achievement all personal and professional targets, both are consequence of hard work, efforts, talent and some luck. I have many important things in my life, but the most important ones are family, god, friends, health and love, because these things are irreplaceable.

Dating X Love: Love
Sports: I practice sports sometimes, but I would rather to watch.
Atracting someone´s attention: Easy, just look in the beholder’s eyes
Having fun: I try to enjoy as mauch I can every where I go, I like to go movies, go to the beach, meet my friends and chill out.
The craziest (nastiest?) thing she´s ever done in a summer time season: Last summer I went on an extremely last minute trip to Bali, I really like spontaneity.
Fav body part and why: Eyes, I think I can express all my feelings through them.
On her IPOD: I’m very open to music, from Hip Hop, House to country and trance.
Fav food: BBQ for sure.

An unforgettable moment: My first international trip as a model to Milan.
Motto: “Don’t be afraid, you will never know if you can do it, if you don’t try”.

The Projects and final words from Daiane

I have been working in Asia for almost 1 year (Singapore, China, Malaysia and Indonesia). I intend to go back to Europe.
To everybody that is reading this post, I wish you  guys to keep focus and keep working on your dream, always use your energy to do good things and in time you will receive it back =) .

Daiane Wessler
Contact info: Debora Dias Model Management