Model Constantin Simon: “I have always been interested in fashion, but I am not crazy about it. Especially if you are in that field, fashion sometimes loses its magic glow”

19 mar, 2011


Hey there! Great to be here! My name is Constantin Simon and I am from Vienna, Austria – where I was born and raised. I attended a technical school there and finished my studies in Business Administration and Finance.  I started working as a model when I was studying at the University.




As I was busy with my studies it was not until I finished Uni that I could travel further abroad and really  start modeling on a professional level. My mother agency is Wiener Models.

Actually I decided to model, after I did a fashion show a friend of mine organized. Noting big, but it was something that gave me a glimpse into the  business. So I thought why not give it a try and apply at an agency. Work as a model gives you a lot of chances and possibilities. I always loved travelling and as a model you have the chance to go to the most interesting places in the world. The cool thing about it is that you don’t just go there to visit the city as a tourist, take some pictures of the main sights and leave again. You live in the city and get to know the culture and the people. I had an amazing time doing that for example in Shanghai and now I have been living, more or less a year in Milan.



Working with photographers: quite diverse styles

You always work together with new people in different situations. At the beginning of the shooting you get to know the photographer and the team, and you figure out what is especially important on this very job. Some photographers give exact instructions some none at all. With some experience you realize pretty fast what is expected of you and you know how to get into the right position or look.


To give you an idea how different jobs can be: Some days ago I had a shooting for an online catalogue. We did tons of pictures and outfits – I didn’t count, but I was told that we had 100 outfits – and we did it all in 5 hours. It was like in a factory, and the critical time factor was not the picture taking, but how fast you can change clothes!  Another time I was shooting a campaign on Sardinia, and it took us 3 days to do about 20 pictures that had to be perfect in every way. So jobs can be quite diverse.




 The catwalks


I have worked for different designers or companies like Armani, Abercrombie, Burberry, Bacci e Abbracci and C&A etc. Although I get booked more for shootings I also do fashion shows, I worked for example for Pierre Cardin in China, Liska in Vienna or Gianfranco Ferré in Milan. I actually had the luck to see him in person at this show, because it was in 2006, a year before he unfortunately passed away.


Constatin, by himself

A fashionista?

I have always been interested in fashion, but I am not crazy about it. Especially if you are in that field, fashion sometimes loses its magic glow. Nevertheless I enjoy wearing fashionable outfits. I think the outfit has to match the occasion. It should not be boring, which does not mean that it has to be crazy just for the sake of it. I like to wear jeans and T-shirts or a sportive outfit. At the same time I really like proper suits, which have to have the right cut and garments.




However, when it comes to shoes I m very selective. I like special sneakers and I love classic shoes in the right style and quality like shoes of the Italian brand Scarosso (

Imagine u a fmous model surrounded by a huge crowd

Probably I would wake up the next moment, and realize that I was sleeping ;)! Well, that kind of situation would probably only happen to Jon Kortajarena or Markus Schenkenberg and I don’t envy them for that.


Human rights, freedom of speech, wars and sexual behavior

There are a lot of issues in the world that should be addressed. I am especially interested in finding solutions to the problem of global warming and the energy crisis. I have a technical and business background so that’s a field that I can comprehend in the basics. In my opinion the key is to make sure  people have no other choice but to adopt an environmental friendly behavior. The only realistic way that this can happen is to generate financial incentives or disadvantage, by governments. That means to put a higher tax on actions that harm the environment and to subsidize technology developments etc that will improve the CO2 balance.



The problem is that governments and countries are in competition with each other to attract companies to their country by offering  business friendly conditions. First of all the different countries have to come up with an agreement to have the same framework in order to impose further regulations. Kyoto protocol or the conference in Copenhagen are steps in that direction, but have not succeeded in strict enough agreements.


A project that I think is very interesting is DESERTEC ( It is a project where solar thermal power plants are put into deserts on a very large scale. The electricity is then transported to the urban areas with high voltage cables. This practice could be applied to most areas in the world. The technology is already available, just the investment an commitment is missing. Check out the homepage and support it.


Show biz, fame and success and the most important things for his life


I did not become a model to become famous, and I don’t intend doing that. I like to have my privacy and sometimes feel sorry for people that can’t have that. I just think that modeling is a great fun job, and you get to travel and meet interesting people along the way. For me the three most important things in life are: family and friends, health and the freedom of doing what I want to do and what makes sense to me. Once you have that I guess you have everything.

Dating X Love: It depends on the situation, and what I am looking for in that very moment. I believe that its quite difficult to find a person that is suitable for a real relationship. Once you have found this person you should appreciate it. In the end a true relationship gives you much more than being single.


Sports: I have to move a lot, otherwise I start feeling uncomfortable,  I enjoy almost every kind of sport; especially football, sailing and skiing.
Attracting someone´s attention: Simple and straight forward – just go there talk to the person, usually a smile does the job.
Having fun: I love travelling and to try everything that seems interesting and get the most out of it.
Fav body part and why:– I think there is not one part alone. The whole appearance of a person in total is what is important.
In his IPOD: Different styles, depends on the mood – from Mozart to Tiesto.
Fav food: Sushi
Fav underwear for his daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!): The one I got at my job for Burberry.


The upcoming projects

At the moment I am in Milan and I am not quite sure where I go from here. Eventually I would like to spend some time back home in Vienna. Other options are London, Istanbul or maybe the US.






When you´ll come to my world to have a real good time under the brazilian tropical sun?

I would love to come to Brasil…I have made so many friends from there through travelling


Thanks for having me.


Constantin Simon
Age: 25
Mother agency: Wiener Models (