Colin Baird: “There is no drug in the world that can top ‘working it out’ on a long-ass runway and feeling like a million bucks in a suit you can’t afford haha!”

02 out, 2011

Hey guys! My name is Colin Baird and I’ve been modeling for about 3 years now – doing a lot of commercial work in Toronto, Canada and loving the industry.

I’m originally from the east coast of the country from a small town where my family still l ives.  Never really imagined myself as a model but fell into it through a photographer friend who set me up with a portfolio and hooked me up with the industry!

As for my background  I spent a lot of my youth swimming competitively and sports is are till a huge part of my lifestyle. To keep in shape and fill out these damn swimmer shoulders I spend a lot of time running, doing yoga, rowing, rock climbing nd yes still swimming!

How did all begin

So as I mentioned earlier a photographer friend by the name of Morris Green started me on the path of modeling a few years back in Halifax, Canada.  Knowing I was moving to the big city of Toronto he hooked me up with a few agency go-sees where I finally decided to sign with Elmer Olsen Model Management! I really lucked out with a great team of bookers and an awesome line up of models who I’ve worked and learned from over the years!

Its funny to think back to my first days in front of a camera and how nervous and self-conscious I was about my ‘posing’! I’ve come a long way since those days and hopefully I’ll better myself and my career as the years continue! If there is one thing I can take away from this industry it´s a better understanding of who I am as a person and its really is a humbling experience.  I’ve been fortunate to be a part of it!!

Working with photographers and the backstages

Well as for backstage stories – what happens backstage stays backstage haha! I do work a lot in print and one of my favorite things about working with a new photographer is getting to know each others quirks.  It is amazing how fast you move past

initial introduction and really get to know someone over the course a few hours.  There are of course times when a job may e a more of a struggle than others depending on the shoot or personalities but I love working through it and the satisfaction of getting “the shot”.  It´s very satisfying to leave a job knowing that you put everything into it and that the client/photographer/stylist/make-up artist/ and every other team player is happy with the results! Best advice and what always works for me – have fun and keep it positive!

Catwalks: feeling like a million bucks in a suit!

I have yet to walk for the likes of D&G or Miuccia Prada but I have had the pleasure to walk for some amazing and talented Canadian designers over the years, including the collections from Toronto’s local menswear store Got Style and Canadian retailer Rudsak. Honestly the runway is one of my favorite parts of modeling – the energy, the music, the backstage mayhem it all adds to a very unforgettable experience! There is no drug in the world that can top ‘working it out’ on a long-ass runway and feeling like a million bucks in a suit you can’t afford haha!

A fashionista?

Coming from the east coast of Canada I have a pretty laid back style and a simple pair of jeans and tee is all I need to feel comfortable on the go or at home.  That said I do have a weakness for some designer duds and working in this industry you are exposed to some beautifully tailored clothing and fabrics!  Any guy who says they aren’t seduced by the fit of a tailored Prada suit or the pride of owning a fantastic pair of handmade Italian shoes is a liar!!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I WOULD have to imagine that one haha! But I have been lucky enough to have had people recognize me in the past, whether it was from a TV commercial or print ad, and it´s always a great feeling to know that you stood out in someone’s mind and really stuck with them. Those situations definitely makes you appreciate your job and the accomplishments you’ve made but it’s always important to stay grounded and I have my friends and family to thank for that! At the end of the day there are a lot of people doing a lot more important things for our communities and making greater contributions, but it nice to be acknowledged for the work we have done and worked so hard at.

The modeling world: women still rule?

I think that this industry always has been, and always will be geared more toward women.  That’s just the nature of the beast so to speak.  However that’s not to say that there haven’t been, and will be many more male models who will contribute greatly to the industry and become a “supermodel” in their own right.  As for my own role models, I’ve always been proud of Canadian model Linda Evangelista for her success in this industry, and as a male model, David Gandy has always stuck out in my mind a role model and someone who I really admire.  It´s funny mentioning Linda – thinking back to the day of music videos, I used to love the video for George Michael’s Freedom!  That video used to, and still makes ME wanna be a “supermodel”!!



Dating X Love

I’m a chill guy and am attracted to ‘like-minded’ people.  If you don’t have a sense of humor we’re toast!


Sports have been a major part of my life since I was a kid and have shaped me as a person.  Although I like to be the “bigger man” all the time and have fun on the field or in the pool, I am pretty competitive and hate to loose!  That again has given me the drive I possess and pushed me to accept the best and only the best I can do!

Atracting someone´s attention

I’m a shy guy so you’ll have to make the first move!

Enjoying the life

Although I can party with the best of them, I love spending time with the important people in my life.  We are cottage people and the ocean/water is huge in my mind for really calming a person – it´s good for the soul!! My favorite things are road trips, live music, Guiness and any sport….well any sport besides table tennis (I could never get into table tennis).


The craziest (nastiest?) he´s ever done in a summer time season

Not sure what that means but I assure you I am not crazy!

Fav body part and why: I need a good smile.  The rest doesn’t matter so much.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments lol
I am a firm believer that briefs are the sexiest underwear for guys. I wear briefs and briefs only baby!!

In his IPOD..

I’m really into bands lately – what comes to mind would be Angus & Julia Stone or Mumford & Sons

Fav food: If it is food….chances are I love it.

The projects

My latest projects involved a shoot for Air Canada and a TV commercial for a Canadian restaurant chain.  There is always something on the go and fingers crossed that D&G or Miuccia Prada get in touch with me!

An unforgettable moment

Seeing myself outside my patio door on a billboard downtown Toronto! It’s a pretty wicked feeling!

Motto: Only to stay true to yourself, don’t take opportunities for granted, and work harder then the next guy!
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