New faces rock, the series. Episode 42: Clara Lima

26 fev, 2012

Hello everyone, I’m Clara Lima, 18 years old, brazilian and I was born in Formiga, located in ths state of Minas Gerais.

I have 2 brothers and my family always supported me in my decisions. I love animals, the Nature and I enjoy fishing and horseback riding.

I always admired the modeling career, as a matter of fact  I always wanted to be a model. In my childhood, I used to wear my mother´s shoes and I started to imagine walking on a catwalk as a professional model. Strike a pose and there came that little girl full of passion and expectations for the future. The dreams became true and here I am folks living life to the fullest!

I decided to give a try, but in the beggining I didn´t have the opportunity to leave home. I was too young and my parents didn´t accept the idea of a young girl living alone far away from them. I finished high school and in 2011 I got signed to FORD Models, a terrific teamwork that gave me a huge exposure on my new modeling career. Before that lots of scouters had contacted me before, but I really followed my instincts and I was sure that a real great opportunity would appear in my life.

Working with photographers: creativity and professionalism

I see the creativity in some photographers and perfectionism in other ones. They are focused on every detail to achieve their best. I feel lucky to have posed for the lens to these photographers. They make me feel confident and comfortable, they have their unique style and I´ve learned a lot about their techniques.

The catwalks experiences

When I’m on the catwalk, I focus on what I have to do. it´s just like driving my footsteps straight ahead and never look back!

I´ve walked for Fernando Pires, Aurea Prates, A, E.Store, Claudia Arbex, Alphorria, Vivacious, Solaine Piccoli, Veronique Leroy (Paris), Leonard (Paris), Les Petites (Paris), just to name a few. I´m now in Paris so I intend to walk for lots of cool fashion designers.

A fashionista?

I love horses, so I really enjoy the country style, but I  like to follow the fashion trends too and I also  got my own style. Yep yep, I´m def a fashionista!

Beauty X Professionalism

Beauty can be expressed in such different ways. It depends how you´ll use it. I think that what really matters is a mix of talent, wisdom, dedication and focus on your career.


The cool moments

When I’m with my family and friends, we have cool moments of joy and togetherness. I feel safe because I know they will be there to support me. There is no word that describes what I feel for them.

I love chilling out with my buddies, my dogs, ride a horse, sit in a park and feel the life around me. I use to go to the farm, ranch and I travel to different places.


 Gym, when possible, Swimming, Running and Volleyball.

In her Ipod

Dixie Chicks


Fav food

Mom’s food

Fav body part 


Loving X Dating


Guilty pleasure


If you weren´t model, u´d be..


A veterinarian

An unforgettable moment


Thanks for having me World of Models family!. I´m in Paris now to focus my international modeling career. Take care.

Clara Lima

Mother agency

FORD Models


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