Meet the irish model Chun Soot

22 fev, 2017


I am Chun Soot, half chinese half malaysian and I was born in Dublin. My hometown is Dublin and my personal interest is swimming, music and programming.



I became a model about 3 years ago, and I was discovered by doing a test shoot that my uncle in the industry recommended me to try and after I did the test shoot I got signed soon after.






 Posing to photographers and the funny buackstages´ stories

I like most when the photographers are crazy and do spontaneous things, it just makes the shoot so much more fun.

I don’t have a previous preparation for any shoot. To be honest you never know what photographer wants due to the photographer and his/her mood and what you are shoot for.

Funny story is when I was doing shoots, and like usual models I go outside for a smoke, while some guy who is walking around asking for a survey approached me and I told him yeah sure I’ll do it.





He then start asking me questions and half way through he stopped me asked am I wearing make up and I told him yes, and me with a sense of humour asked “but am I pretty with make up on though?” He replied I guess, He then ask am I a drag queen or gay, I jokingly replied yes and asked “if he would like a kiss?” and he just walked away without finishing the survey. Which I find hilarious someone is so homophobic and don’t have a sense of humour.

 The runway shows 


Catwalks are always fun just meeting so many of your friends from all over the world just together in one place for fashion week. I have seen friends that I haven’t seen in years just randomly bump into each other at castings is always funny to catch up with the guys.


Some of the designer I have worked for is Dsquared, Stone Island, Hugo and many more. To be honest walking down a runway I don’t really think of anything, I just look into the lights and camera and just do your thing.

Male models x Female models


 Woman definitely still has more exposure than us for sure but guys are getting some more nowadays.

I don’t really get inspired by anyone in general. How my mind work is that, yeah I see what others are doing and it’s great for them but instead of aspiring to be like someone, and see what they have achieved, I can work on myself and see what option is there to better myself and what goals I can achieve.


Soot´s style

I wouldn’t say I am a deep into fashion. I would wear clothes that are comfortable when no one is around or my underwear and when I’m in public I dress as my eyes seems fit and presentable. which varies depending on my mood.

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would be greateful and at the same time embrace it and take in all in. At the end of the day I am still me, I would still joke around with people and make people smile or laugh and if they ask for photo just stop and take a photo.




 On show biz

i think show business is harder and harder every year with more and more models in the competition every year. But at the same time for me I don’t really mind, I just use the opportunity to catch up with friends. I have seen guys who gets really depressed and dump down when they don’t book shows and invested a lot of their money into it.

Dumbest thing u´ve ever heard a model say

“I am not working until they bring me my morning coffee”





Soot by himself

 I would describe my style cool, calm and collected.

For dating and loving I don’t go looking for a relationships if it happens it happens, if me and someone gets alongs and clicks well together then yes I’ll ask them for a date or just to hang out.

Sports: I don’t really do much sports besides swimming and skating / basketball once in a while.

Superpowers and Superheroes

I would have the super power to teleport, it would save so much time and whenever I feel like it, I would just go to a place I want even just for couple of mins or hours.

My favorite super hero is Deadpool for his sense of humour and not the typical cliche all mighty and all justice superhero.


Atracting someone´s attention

Looking them in the eyes, smile or make them laugh.

Having fun, enjoying life

My way of fun is get a few of my good friends and go out partying in clubs and just having fun, telling jokes, listening to music, dancing and just having a good time.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing u´ve ever done in a summertime season

Strip down in my underwear in a busy street to change outfit for a shoot.

Fav body part and underwear

 On me I guess Abs, for girls eyes there’s so much you can tell by just looking into someone’s eyes.

Calvin Klein, it’s comfy




Earliest childhood memory

Getting a fish tank

Nickname at school

Chunny Bunny

 Music and Food

Rae Sremmurd / Calvin Harris : rap and edm

Steak and mashed potatoes with gravy

Guilty pleasure

Eating a lot of junk food


Unforgetable moments

Dsquared after party and music festivals I have been to.


If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

I´d be working in programming




Be true to yourself and always be happy, never look back and never have regrets.



Upcoming Projects

I don’t talk about a lot of the upcoming projects because it’s confidential but I can say I’m going New York soon.

When u´ll come to my world? Brazil zil zil!

It is somewhere I would go if the opportunity shows but now I am just focused on going New York.


Chun Soot / 24 /

Shoesize: 11


Height: 6’0″ / 183.5cm Chest: 36.5 Waist: 30 


Distinct (mother agency)  

Soul artists NY

 PMA Germany  

Trend Spain

 AMCK London

Boom Milan

 Elite Stockholm

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 Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor