Photographer Christopher Papan “I feel that the affordability of digital has opened up photography to endless creative people, thus raising the bar for full time photographers”.

27 set, 2012

Hi People,  thank you very much to Ed for the invitation to join the World of Models family.

As for me, my name is Christopher Papan and I am a fashion/editorial photography from beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I have always loved photography, but it didn’t take over my life until about 7 years ago when I was living in Thailand and using my sister’s old Nikon!!

As far as making photography a career, it seemed the natural progression to becoming a better artist!!  My style is a bit old skool, although I am a professional photoshop artist, I try to limit its usage in my photos.

I want post production to enhance what I do, not be the basis of what I do!

Influences? everything! Plus of course the 3000 or so photos on my iPhone!!

The digital era: a tendency to shoot too much

The digital era is amazing.  Although, I still adore looking at film prints.  I find this “film look” hard to replicate and the fact that I  need to ”replicate” it, takes some of the mystique out of the shooting.  Also, with digital I found there was initially a  tendency to shoot too much!!!!!

On the positive side, I feel that the affordability of digital has opened up photography to endless creative people, thus raising the bar for full time photographers.

Worldwide crisis on fashion photography?

Well, the current economy makes it tougher to make a buck, specially with since everyone wants to shoot fashion and will do it on the cheap.   So, most photographers need to diversify to stay in business.  The future, without a doubt the net, however, I am sure there will be a host of new wicked opportunities as the web continues to expand as a marketing tool.

The special moments and working with the models: creativity and fun

I was at the Savoy Hotel in Rosario, Argentina. Wow, if you ever need a place to stay that is it!  I was shooting an amazing new talent at the time,  boiling hot, she lied down in her gown on a marble staircase to catch some rays.  Everything just fell into place.

Well, it´s hard for me to take credit on their successes.  When we shoot, it is about creativity and fun.  I want them to leave with a positive feeling about what they are doing, If my photos lead to good things for them down the road, it is a shared victory!

Funny/unusual backstages moments

Shooting in an apartment in Vancouver.I am loading my camera and the assistants are working reflectors and lights,  when the model in her underwear jumps up and sits on a very wet 16th floor balcony railing.  It was windy as f* and she only had one hand on the rail!   We were begging her to come down, but she refused till I took her pics.  She was nuts, my assistants froze like deer in head lights and  I have never shot so many pics in two minutes, I think my heart stopped!!!

Top 5 cool places for a shooting

5)  Capetown, South Africa because it is just too beautiful. 4)  The streets in Buenos Aires because I love the texture and old-paint. 3)  Any white wallsomething to be said for simplicity. 2)  My “Brazilian dad’sboat “The Tainha” in Florianopolis!!    1)  Tokyo, anywhere, because it’s another world.

Image worth a THOUSAND WORDS?

LILY AND SPIRAL STAIRCASE by the artistic genius of Tim Walker

The Projects

I had a few great shoots as of late with some wonderful models and stylists, one with Brit S who came out for a few days from her busy schedule in NY. She is dope, I did a London inspired b+w shoot  for Liz Bell Agency which allowed me to push my style and I shot Holden of Next Models Canada who was the star of Carly Rae Jepsen’s video “Call Me Maybe” That boy is ripped. Seriously, I felt like I needed to  hit the gym right after!

I also have a fashion editorial in a very eclectic old shop, a personal gallery project on family and a shared effort with a fellow artist here in town about cinema.

An unforgettable moment? When I landed in Argentina not speaking Spanish, not knowing anyone and still telling myself that I could make things happen.

When you´ll be back to my world again?

Hopefully in  Xmas!!  New Years is much better wearing white!! hahahahhaa

Thank you World of Models, I appreciate you taking the time to tell my story!  Please check out my website and feel free to hit me up with any questions. Abraços for the fellas and beijos for the moças!!  :)

Ciao, Christopher