Baixada Santista rocks, the series: model Christian Hansen

16 set, 2012

Hello World of Models, thanks for letting me in your family.

Christian and Ed, the brazilian editor in Santos

Well I’m from Denmark, my hometown is called Aalsgaarde, but now I live in Brazil, to be more precise in Santos / SP.

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At the moment I’m attending an undergraduate program, but I’m just a freshman hehe. My personal interests are skating, work out and of course the most important, having fun! I think the most important thing in life is to have fun!

Actually I didn’t really decide to become a model, it just happened! When i was young I never thought about it, I had a real low selfesteem, but when I moved to Brazil all of that changed. People started telling me that I should give it a try, but I didn’t have any contacts or anything like that, until you (Ed) showed up, and at that moment everything just started happening.

My first test shooting didn’t go so well, I didn’t pass at the first modeling company I tried, but afterwards everything changed.

The best thing about modeling? Well that must be that you can earn your way of living by taking care of your body and having fun at the same time.

Working with photographers: having a real good time!

I like when the photographer interacts with you, when he/she makes you laugh, make you have a good time while taking the pictures, but not making you lose your focus at the same time! Once I was doing a casting with a woman, it was supposed to look like a romantic scene and I had to pretend that the woman was my girlfriend. The only problem was that the woman was as tall and at least twice as large as I am, and besides that she had a german accent, so I actually got scared of the girl at first haha, but I found out later that she was a real nice and calm person.

No, I’ve never posed naked, but depending on the photographer and on the campaign I think I’d give it a try, but like I said, that would depend on the whole story behind it.

Male  models x Female models

I think definitely that the women still rule the fashion world, but nowadays the males have gotten a chance to show their skills and talent in this world too.

Christian´s style

A fashionista?

Naa, I wouldn’t call myself that. I usually like to wear some skating clothing or something like that, you know like Vans, DC, LRG and so on, but to be honest I don’t really care about the brand, if I like the clothing I buy it.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hahaha, I would start laughing at first I think, just like I did now, but I think that I wouldn’t get all nervous and stuff, I’m a very calm person so that helps alot. Another thing is that I like to get to know new people, so I think I’d just talk to them and have a good time doing it.

Show biz, Fame, Succcess and the most important things for his life

Hmm, show business for me is what the world and the producers see, not always necessarily showing and telling us the thruth, it’s a complicated world where you always have to watch out for what you’re doing and on whom you put your trust on.

Most important things for my life: Family, traveling, have fun, health and money (like it or not it’s important too)

Dating x Love

First of all I want to make it clear that I’m straight (my sexual interests are women), but on the other hand I don’t trust them so much (when it comes to dating for a longer period of time), so yeah I usually date women for a short period of time.


 When I was younger I used to skate and swim. I stopped skating when i was about 16 and I kept swimming until I turned 20. By that time I was already a professional swimmer, but it’s really complicated to have any good kind of wealth swimming, so I stopped with that too. Now adays I only work out and I started to run on the beach sometimes.

Atract someone´s attention

That depends on the situation of course, if I want a friend’s atention I’d just start yelling randomly like a maniac hahahah, just joking. I’d probably call the person, even if i don’t know him / her, sit down and just start chatting and laughing, that’s how you get a person’s attention I think, by making them laugh :)

Having fun, enjoying life best of life

The best way to have fun, is by beeing with people who make you relax and laugh, I really don’t care about the place just by beeing with my real friends is good enough. A place I usually go to is the beach, I love the beach, specially during the sunset and the evening, it’s so good just to sit down watch the waves come and go, and simply just let go of everything that bothers you.

The craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

Hahahaha I don’t think that would be very appropriate to say here, but let’s say I’ve done several crazy and nasty things hahahahaha :)

Fav body part and why

Hehehe, it’s kind of funny, if you asked me that some years ago I wouldn’t know what to answer, but since you’re asking me now I can definitely tell you that it is the eyes. The reason? Well I can see it’s the thing that most differs me from other models, here in Brazil at least.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy  moments (lol!)

I like to wear boxers, i always used that, and I don´t think im going to change that.

Fav singer

My favorite singer is Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), his voice is just amazing and he started the whoole speed metal thing.

In his Ipod

Well, that differs, I like rock (when I say rock I mean everything from The Strokes to Suicide Silence), dub and rap / hip hop.

Fav food

To be honest, I love to eat barbecue and have a beer.

If you weren´t a model, u´d be…

Before I started modeling I was an english teacher actually, and like I said before, I’m coursing an undergraduate for civil engineering, so I think that would be the answer hehe, civil engineer .

Guilty pleasure

I like to drink alcohol on my days off, especially beer, I really want to change that.

An unforgettable moment

When my son was born

The Projects

I have a Lupo comercial coming soon  and I’m planning to go to Rio de Janeiro  to get some more contacts there. My projects at this moment are just get my name and my pictures spread out the world


I have 2: Have fun, you only live once! Don’t try. Do or Do not, there is no such thing as try.

Full name

Christian Carlos Mamede Hansen

Mother agency

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