Chris Borden: “I do think the male models are getting more exposure now a days than the past, especially with the help of social media”

14 nov, 2016


Hey, I’m Christopher Borden, 20 years old from the hospitality state of Mississippi! And I am just that I try to be as friendly and nice as I can be.


I’m probably one of the most ambitious people I know. If I set a goal I give 110% to achieve that goal. And so with that being Said. lets get started

I first started modeling when I was 17 I was in a hollister shopping and the dressing rooms were full and I didn’t want to wait in line so I decided to just take my shirt off and put the one I was wanting to try on,on.


Well,  right after I did that, the manager of the store approached me and asked if I had ever considered modeling and I had already had ambitions to model.

 I just didn’t know how to get started, so well he told me about getting my portfolio done and I did. Soon after within the same week I got the picture back I had an agent (Brian Hilburn) contacted me.




 We set up a meeting and Despite Brian’s hard past he was really awesome guy and I never would have guessed it would have turned out to be as great of an agent he is. I couldn’t be more grateful for him.

The best part about modeling would have to be the traveling. I absolutely love it and modeling has really opened up the doorway with traveling and has by far been my favorite part.





Posing to photographers

I love having chemistry with the photographer. If you have chemistry, it makes the shoot 1000 times easier. I like to really listen to my music to prep myself for the photoshoot.

I am comfortable being naked in front of the câmera. I’m in love with the human physic. However I think shooting nudes as a young model demoralizes the model. I think they are better to do after you have established yourself.






And Yes, I vividly recall shooting in Malibu beach in California and the water was super freezing and I was doing a swimwear shoot and I was up on the rock about 10 foot high. We were trying to get the perfect shot with the wave coming up as I was sitting on the rock but the way he was so strong it was me completely off the rock and threw me into the water.

I was OK, just left with a couple scrapes and bruises but it was completely funny because when It washed me off the rock my swim suit came down! And needless to say the water was freezing cold!





Male models x Female models




 I do think the male models are getting more exposure now a days than the past, especially with the help of social media.

My favorite male model is Heath Hutchins who is actually from the same exact small town I’m from  (Saltillo), He really is what inspired me to model from the start.

Chris´ style

I love fashion. I think it is really how you express your personality through clothes. And I’m HUGE on joggers right now I love all of them, they are my absolute favorite item of clothing. I normally rock a cool creative t shirt and some stylish joggers.





Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would be absolutely humbled and I would share with them that they too could be whatever they wanted to be In life, that they too could accomplish their dreams, whatever they may be. It just takes hard work and determination!

On dating and loving

. My style is different. I like to stand out as much as I can! As far as dating, I´m a very passionate lover and take pride in being a good man.







I did it all I played everything I could. My 3 favorites being basketball, football, and mixed martial arts.

Superheroes and Superpowers

My favorite super hero is Batman because he didn’t have an actual super power he made himself lethal through hard work and he is just awesome I mean, he is Batman!


The Projects

I have done a lot this last year. I got signed to Elite Miami Models and I started my own record Label, going around the country performing with my music, and my artist music. Things have really done a full :)


My motto comes from a comment Kevin Durant said “Hard work beats pure talent, when pure talent doesn’t work hard” meaning you can always be better than the rest by working the hardest. Hardwork is the key to success!






Christopher Borden




Shoesize: 10.5



Mother agent: A.I.G

Also signed to Elite Miami

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor



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