Photographer Charles Quiles: “I’ve recently been a guest photographer on 2 separate american TV shows, but my most exciting upcoming projects are secret!”.

27 jul, 2012

I like to consider myself a nomadic artist, from a little town in Puerto Rico called Mayaguez.

My interest in photography began as a kid when I use to steal cameras from my friends and use them just for fun. I became addicted ever since. I’ve always been a painter and a writer growing up, so photography just came natural to me in my teen  years.

I’m very much inspired by the greats of the 60′s and 70′s. Avedon, Penn, Newton, etc. Not just their work, but their personal lives inspire me. I’ve recently been obsessed with Annie Leibowitz life, you can find me in the NYC public library  researching her.

Charles, the photographer

The digital era

It helped some and it hurt some. I don’t want to mention names, but there are definitely a few photographers that had been hurt by the change initially. But true artist always adapt and they did find their way. I welcome the digital era, it forces us to change what has been YEARS of how we saw photography. It also makes film such a rarity that we appreciate the art of developing that much more.

Worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion photography?

Wow, yea this question comes up A LOT when I’m at dinner with a bunch of friends. It’s crazy. Magazines are going away, or
they are going digital, etc. I feel like the printed magazine will eventually be a thing of the past, so for those of you who
collect every issue of Vogue, keep them all, they will be worth a ton in the close following years. Haha

The special moments, the perfect pic

This moment happens in either 2 ways, the first being in the heat of the moment. Like a euphoric orgasm. You will hear me
screaming and yelling and going on and on about how amazing that was. The second being an accomplished controlled situation.  Where I basically direct the models exactly in a manner where my vision is created. Which thus turns into number one.

Models and the friendship

I keep hearing this from a lot of my peers and I’m flattered. I’m also equally as grateful to know that I had anything to do
with a model’s career. Again, I love everyone I meet, so much so that they become a friend. And nothing feels better than
seeing your friends succeed.

Unusual backstage´s moment

Well the first one that comes to mind is the time when Alejandro was standing in my studio and artist Dani Arranka had to fix  makeup, so Alejandro just stood in place for 10 minutes dancing to the music that was playing, nude, and thought no one was  watching. Then I came up to him and reminded him that we were also filming. Haha, good times. He loved it.

Top cool places for a shooting

Barcelona! – There is some magic light in Barcelona, its crazy.
Puerto Rico! – It feels like home everytime I’m there for work, so shooting there is so much more fun.
Paris! – You always get inspired by the romanticism of that place.
London – You always get inspired by their fashion!
My studio – there’s no place like home :)


Any of Newton’s pieces tend to take my breath away, but speechless isn’t the same as a thousand words. Everyone has something  to say about something, but when you find that image that shuts you up, you then realize how powerful a person’s silence  really is. Especially living in a world where we are surrounded by constant noise.

An unforgettable moment

My VERY SPECIAL MOMENT happened last year working with Dolce & Gabbana in Milan. Domenico Dolce wanted to learn how to use a  camera so I taught him how to shoot on a Hassleblad. And look, NOW HE’S SHOOTING HIS OWN WORK AND HE’S WORKING ON A BOOK! It  takes my breath away to know I helped teach someone who I look up to and respect so much.

The Projects

Currently I’m working on some fun and exciting stories, and actually I’m in the works of planning something for my good
friend Alejandro Salgueiro. He’s a big muse of mine. Also for my new friend Matt Watters. He’s new in the model scene but
he’s going to be HUGE. What I love most about them is their personalities and sweet nature. I can’t work with someone who I  don’t have some sort of chemistry with, so I obviously love everyone I have ever shot, but these two can’t seem to stop
keeping me inspired!

I’ve recently been a guest photographer on 2 separate american TV shows, but my most exciting upcoming projects are secret!  (Lets just say I’m currently making some life/career altering decisions!)

And when you´ll come to my world?

I go wear my work takes me, I’m still hoping Brazil is my next destination! I’m just afraid I’ll stay there if I go haha.


2+2 = 5 (my first and only tattoo), don’t let the world tell you it equals 4, because only you can create your own realities
and your own truths.

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