Caspar Petéus: “Whoever is the best is the best, no matter what race, gender or sexuality. But yes, women cash the biggest checks, as they should”.

27 fev, 2016



I´m from Göteborg, Sweden. Gothenburg was founded by Royal Charter in 1621 by King Gustavus Adolphus. Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and the fifth-largest in the Nordic countries, situated by the Kattegat on the west coast of Sweden. The city has been ranked as the 12th-most inventive city in the world by Forbes.





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Modeling: how did all begin

When i realized i could get a US Working Visa.

I was approached by a scout in London when i was 16 but i did not proceed. I signed with a NY agency in late august 2012. Within the next few days i shoot my first editorial with Sean P Watters. 



Best thing about modeling so far

Realizing how extremely competitive everything is and how it affect people.   Living in New York has thought me ALOT(!)

Working with photographers: good chemistry




When the photographer knows what he can and can not do. When theres little to no direction, styling is on point and the camera shutters.

Its all about good chemistry with the photographer. If its there, little preparation is needed.

As far as posing naked, I feel comfortable If the production is great, the money is there and the concept is interesting. Theres been very few, but I was recently in the midst of booking a job for a Brazilian brand, but it turned out my look was too editorial. It was a real bummer, i always wanted to be fully naked in Brazil. 

The catwalks´experiences




The most notable brands I’ve walked for is probably Diesel, Etro, Trussardi, Billy Reid etc. Ive done a couple of seasons here in New York but I don’t really do a lot of runway. Its quite interesting though, all this work and effort people put in for such a short rush. 

Backstage isn’t really that much fun, you mostly just sit and wait for people to figure things out. 

When I´m walking down the catwalk people usually tell me I look like I have something mean in mind, like I´m upset and want to kill someone. I guess maybe theres some truth to that :)

Male models x Female models



Whoever is the best is the best, no matter what race, gender or sexuality. But yes, women cash the biggest checks, as they should.

I don’t have any favorites, but I remember there was this image of Vivien Solari that i wanted to rip out and chew on. 

Caspar, a fashionista?

I´m not, but I like to wear nice fabrics and textiles. Tall socks, dress pants and mohair sweaters. 




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That´s a situation I don’t want to imagine. 

On showbusiness: I think its superior if you are on top and make money and quite terrible if you are not. Atleast you want to be part of something you appreciate and not work for free and for shitty people.






Dating X Loving: I don’t have any particular style. I don’t go on dates. Just do what you desire and you will be guided to your lovers.

Sports: I played Tennis for 13 years. I was playing almost every day and competed a lot. Its the best sport in the world. 

Im an extreme NHL geek. I know EVERYTHING about I´mHL stats.

Superpowers and super heroes: making sure that clients pay, and in time.

Zorro. He`s not a superhero, but he wore a hat, was a really great fencer and hung out with dark haired women. 

Atracting someone´s attention: By not attract someones attention.

I also tend to set off a smoke machine and dance with our one-eyed cat. His name is Matthew Biggins.

Having fun and enjoying life: Setting off smoke machines and crawl on the ground with friends. 

Craziest (nastiest) thing in a summertime season: Every season is always crazy, and very nasty.


Fav body part and underwear for all moments : My fingers.

Calvin Kleins for daily outdoor activities. No underwear for other activities. 

Earliest childhood memory: Flipping through an illustration book of how a woman gives birth.

 Nickname in school: I was part of the Gothenburg Boir Choir for a few years as a kid. 

So some people called me Peter Jöback after a very talented singer from Sweden.

Kasparov and Cappe have also been present. 


Fav booking so far and why: Working for Etro in Milan was exciting. I did their runway show and lookbook that one season. Voices were loud, cursing was frequent, food was great, attention to utter details were very much there. Alor of passion for what they were doing. It was very interesting to be on the inside of a top tier fashion house. I saw a lot and I earned a lot. They put on a great show!

Music and Food:, murdercapitol station. 

Everything that is well prepared. I love sour and salt.

Guilty pleasure: Snickers and pickles

If you weren´t a model: I would be a Schnoudel.


An unforgettable moment: My existence on earth as a whole is unforgettable to me.

I´ll remember it all, the supreme aswell as the poor moments. 

Yourself in 10 years: I understood early in life that I´m not build to follow curriculums.

I´ll do utter best to allow myself to follow my desires and let The Universe guide me.

Next chapters: I´m back in my studio to work on my next installation and new paintings.  

And when you´ll come to my world? 

I was in Brazil in 2008. I spent 3 months there, but I´ll be back next year sometime, naked ;)


Let me know if you can link me with a great agency!

 CASPAR JOHN WILLIAM PETÉUS/26/1,87cm – 6’2in/77kg – 170 pounds/11



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