Meet model Carolina Melo from Joy Model Management

11 ago, 2013

Hello everyone, , I´m Carolina Melo, 22 years old and my hometown is Atibaia, Brasil.  I am passionate about Biology.

How did she get discovered

My father always encouraged me to pursue a modeling career, so in 2007 I was selected by the agent Dilson Stein during his workshop for models in Atibaia. 

In my first test shoot I was very nervous but I ended up getting my first job. So lucky, I was very shy :)

Posing to photographers: feeling comfortable 

 I love the way they make myself comfortable once they start clicking and I just let it flows! Before the shooting I always say a prayer for wisdom and wishing thal all goes well.

The catwalks

I haven´t any experience in catwalks yet, but I had a cool experience working for the brazilian stylist Alexandre Herchcovitch in a fashion video when I was younger. Great moment, I loved it!

Male models x Female models

Male models don´t have much exposure. I find it annoying as we have many amazing and talented male models in fashion industry.

Concerning the female models, Cincy Crawford and Adriana Lima inspired me a lot. They are beautiful and very talented!

Carolina´s style

A fahsionista?

A little bit yeah,  but I do my own fashion style. I´m into basics and a pair of comfortable shoes as well.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

It would be very funny and I´d give attention to everyone :)

Love x Friendship

They are always connected

In her Ipod

I’m very eclectic, I listen Caetano, Marisa Monte .. (Love them all!!)

If you could have a super power what would it be? Who´s your fav hero?

My super power would be to read minds, I would be able to fly and my fav hero is GOD

Fav food


If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

An environmental biologist!


Be light and stay lit!

The Upcoming Projects

I´m focusing on my international career as a model, doing my best to be succesful in this industry

Thanks for having me World of Models family!


Carolina Melo

More info about Carolina, contact her mother agency JOY Management Brasil

Contact: Thiago Bunduky

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