New faces rock, the series. Episode 50: Caio Fraga

23 jul, 2012

Hello World of Models family, pleasure to be here!

I’m a simple person, everything I want, I just go for it and I never give up. I´m from Miracema, a small city located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

I love to live here with my family and friends. And when my bud Ed invited me to join you guys, I was really surprised,

He asked me if I was a model,

I just took some pics last year and I´m feeling great sharing these moments. Posing to lens of photographers was a cool experience.

I had never thought about being a model before. As a matter of fact, I´m not sure if I am, but I think I have the abilities to be a model. I just enjoy the ride going to some events in my city. I don’t have any modeling projects yet.

Some aspects about Caio´s way of life

I like to be sexy and I like to wear cool clothes to make me feel comfortable and stylish

I love my girfriend and she helps and support me a lot in all my decisions

Soccer is my fav sport

I usually don´t go out, I prefer to stay at home with my family and girlfriend or having fun with my buddies

My fav body part? My butt, lol    Fav underwear: white briefs choosen by my girfriend lol

I listen all kind of musics and Jesus Luz is my fav model. He rocks!

Strogonoff is my fav food

If I weren´t a model, I´d be an actor. As a matter of fact I acted during 4 years but I quit to focus on my next goals

My unforgettable moment was when I found the love of my life

Thanks for having me Ed. Big hug to the World of Models family and meet me in my facebook page!/caiooliveirafraga


Caio Fraga

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