Caetana Santos: “The brazilian fashion industry is good for all ethnicities, especially for blacks”

04 nov, 2014

Hello World of Models family, I’m from Goiânia, Brazil,  but currently I’m living in Sao Paulo. My personal interests include writing , music, dancing, drawing and meeting new people. Besides that, I like to travel and learn different things.



Modeling: how did all begin


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It all happened when my family encouraged me to be a model during my teens. I was a very shy girl. At first it was very difficult, but I believe it was a good path and it is still a great school!

 I´ve learned how to deal with fear and insecurity, and now I realize that I can do many things fearless and confident

 The Brazilian fashion industry for black models 

The brazilian fashion industry is a reflection of what happens in other countries.  It is good for all ethnicities, especially for blacks. We have a huge black population here in Brazil with many specific products for us.

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Posing to photographers 

It is important to know about the photographers´ style in order to promote the product we are working for and achieve the best result. 

The nude is an art, it depends on the context,  so we need to study the subject and be surrounded with a professional teamwork. 

Before posing, I drink lots of water and go to bed very early to wake up well and do a great job.


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The runway experiences 

Modeling is like Acting, we incorporate a character. When I walk down the catwalk I simply forget the outside world. It´s just  like a dream with music that makes me flow for a few minutes. 

Once I was walking down the catwalk and I fell down. People got scared seeing that awful situation, but I just got up and kept walking  :)

 Male models x Female models 

Fashion follows what people want to see and to wear and definitely female models get much more exposure than male models, no doubt of it! 

All models inspire me and what really motivate me are people that want to be successful in life 

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Caetana´s style: a fashionista? 

I’m not as much a fashionist as I used to be when I was younger. When I’m not modeling I’d rather be as simple as possible. 

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

The human being don’t know itself so deeply, so each experience imply an unique reaction. It would be a surprise, I’m sure!

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On show business 

Show business is a fantastic world where we can show our work as models and ourselves as people. It is simply awesome!

 Dating x Loving 

The perfect experience about dating and loving to me was how my husband handled it. The secret is keeping with him and stay together 


Everyone human being should practice it. I really don’t like to go to a gym. Instead, I prefer an outdoor environment: biking, running, jogging in a park  I like to feel free. 

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 Atracting someone´s attention and enjoying life 

To attract someone´s attention I always do it in subtle ways. 

To enjoy the best of life I would say to be with people I love most, no matter what.

 Superpower and nickname 

My super power doesn´t come from a cartoon. I would like to have political strength to inspire people, to inspire the world! 

I didn’t have a nickname during my school years, just a shorter version of my name Cae, that people still call me.  

Craziest thing you´ve already done in a summer time season

 I can’t recall.

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Music. Book and Food 

I’m ecletic. Nowadays I listen to Eric Clapton, Nikka and Moby. It depends on my mood.

 My favorite book is still Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

 Favorite food comes my hometown, like pequi, pamonha and alike.

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 Guilty pleasure 

Peanut!!!! I love it, but I’m allergic to it! :)

If you weren´t a model, you´d be… 

  I would be working in  advertising/publishing market.

 Yourself in 10 years

I believe I would help people and encourage them to face their challenges and to never give up. To do talks all over the world sounds a good way to do it.

Next chapters 

 I intend to focus on my modeling career, studying and also become an actress in a future not too far.


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 Mother agency: Mega Model Brazil (São Paulo)   

 Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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