Model Bryan Guinaugh: “One of my first jobs was the United Colors of Benneton campaign and looking back I didn’t know what

18 mar, 2011



   Well, I´m from Colorado Springs, Colorado but now reside in LA, even though I´m currently in Hong kong,but my interests! Hmm let´s see I grew up an athlete so love sports. I´m a mountain boy, love being outdoors, camping ,fishing, all that kind of stuff, of course a main interest are girls haha, I love being creative which is why I´ve gotten into acting a little while back.



I´m interested in finding out what´s next for myself and growing as a person, but otherwise just the usual 23 year old guy interests, having fun under   the sun and everything in between.

The first job: United Colors of Benneton!





It wasn like one day I thought to myself,”hey! I´m gonna be a model!” haha but I heard this scouting commercial on the radio one day during my senior year of high school. And I always wanted to get into acting so I kind of thought it could be a foot in the door in the business. So I went to this scouting call thingy and one thing led to another and a couple weeks later me and the fam flew to new York city to meet with agencies. My first test shoot was actually while I was there cuz agencies wanted to see how I photographed and it was with an easy photographer to work with so it was good! I was told..” I was a natural..” haha.


And I think one of my first jobs was the United Colors of Benneton campaign and looking back I didn’t know what the hell I was doing lol.. man! And definitely the best part of all of this so far has to be the places I´ve gotten to go. to and the friends ive made along the way!! And the fun!

Working with photographers: a teawork to achieve the best result



when it comes to working with a photographer I just like to know how they work first..some like to tell you how to pose and what to do and what to do next and that’s always nice and easy which is good! And others will just say ok go and its all on you to bring the photograph to life..which sometimes can be difficult especially with a picky photographer. BUT when it comes together you work off eachother and eachothers energy and can make some great work..and to me those are the most satisfying jobs

Catwalks: his most favorite part of this business


Fashion shows are probably my favorite jobs cuz there´s not as much sitting around involved and it´s more energetic and the adrenaline spikes a little during. And  a big group of models together always produce some fun especially between us guys cuz usually we all act like a bunch of 10 year olds, but always a good time during the show. Some of the designers I´ve worked for include Hugo Boss(which was my first show), Alexander Mcqueen, D&G, Neil Barret , Marc Jacobs, 7 for all mankind, and plenty more I can´t think of off the top of my head right now.



Funny backstage´s moments: Naomi Campbell naked! 

I was doing a show in Houston for fashion week on tour once and Naomi Campbell was in it, so of course some of the basketball players from the Houston Rockets came to meet her backstage so I got to meet them, one happening to be Dikembe Motumbo, but anyway during the show between changes I happened to turn around at the wrong time and accidentally saw her naked. She got pissed haha,but it was still pretty funny.

Acting: The audition for an indy horror film 

I always wanted to get into acting since I was young, but didn´t really start anything conventional till My first play when I was a senior in highschool, which was a small roll btw haha, and that was it besides some classes until july of 2009 I was like, ok this is what I want to do and moved to Los Angeles. But, of course, modeling still paid the bills and still does so I haven´t been able to dedicate myself to it as much as I´d like.


But my first audition was for an indy horror film, which I got through a friend and it was a terrible cold read haha but I got the part as the male lead in it. It was a great experience and I learned a lot and it definitely made me realize that this was definitely what I wanted to do.

And besides that I´ve had a couple other tiny roles in a some small movies and a commercial for Sunkist. Tthey both go hand in hand with having to just be you in front of people and the camera but acting has a whole other element involved which is more fulfilling to me and cant wait to get back to LA pursue the hell out of it!!


Bryan by himself

 A fashionista?: hmmm.. the word fashionista would not be one to describe me haha. I do like to look good when I go out, but otherwise your gonna find me in just a t shirt and jeans,d either chucks or boots and most the time a beanie or trucker hat. I wear hats a lot cuz im too lazy to do my hair haha.. and also wear v necks often for some reason.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd: haha good question! You know I always kind of got bummed when I´ve seen celebrities have attitudes towards fans, even though I´m sure its stressfull sometimes, but me I´m a peoples champ! Haha I would just hang and kick it with them and have a good ass time!!:)


Human Rights, Freedom of speech, Sexual behavior, Wars….

Ya know, I´m a pretty open person, so when it comes to that kind of stuff I´m a firm believer in it. Everyone has their own rights and should be able to exercise them to their little hearts desire. Hopefully they just do it in a sane and understandable way. Sexual behavior! Everyone should have fun and do what they want but if were talkin in public then I think that its only right to think about it first ya never know who´s young little eyes are watching there´s a time and place.just know when that is. And I hate war! I don’t understand hate and how people could fight because of difference in appearance or beliefs or anything else!

Show biz, Fame, Success, 5 most important things for his life…


Well, it’s a big business that’s for sure! But ya know I think it does a lot! It´s crazy how much fame a person can get through it. but it makes the world a better place I think. Movies can do a lot! Whether for an individual or group. They can give hope to people, take people away from reality for a little bit which is always nice to escape when you physically can´t. It can give people ideas. They push boundries! I could go on and on but Ill stop haha. Fame to me is being recognized for my accomplishments. And success is achieving those accomplishments and goals I have set for myself.

And also along the lines of being wealthy but not so much financially but more with love. FAMILY! and if I could choose five important things to happen in my life it probably be: somehow give back to my parents and family what they were able to give me.I would love to be able to give my parents an early retirement, find a girl who I´m head over heels about and get married and never leave eachothers side till death do us part, have kids and be a great father, be happy with whatever my job may be, and to be financially stable enough to take care of my family and to also give back to the community and contribute to people around the world who may need help.


Love X Dating: I have no game when it comes to dating haha. I just got out of a relationship so kind of just taking it easy in that area and taking whatever comes my way. I´ve never really been aggressive when it comes to dating. If its gonna´ll happen..otherwise just trying to have fun!

Sports: I´m always trying to get out and play golf when I can.I´ve been playing since I started walking pretty much so always feel at home on a golf course. And I love to get a good game of basketball in every once in a while. It lets me know hoe out of shape I am hahaha!


Atracting attention: Oh man, how do I get a girl´s attention or the lack there of when it comes to me! I keep it pretty suttle. Maybe just introduce myself when I can and giver her the whole I´m interested smile. I guess it would be the look. I give a girl “the look” haha GOD, I´m a dork!

Having fun: I have the most fun just being with my friends. We usually keep ourselves entertained pretty easily. Whether it´s going to the beach and goofing off or going out to a bar and having a few beers and playing pool and having a good conversation. Those are the times I enjoy the most. But don’t get me wrong, I love to go out and party!!

I´ve done some pretty crazy/retarded things during summertime fun. But one time back home, me and some friends were partying and it got a little carried away and went on far too long but somehow we went on a hike. It was a couple girls and a couple guys, don’t remember much, but woke up naked on top of this bluff haha we were all scattered around in different places too, so how we came to pass out still intrigues me, but anyway the sun was out so we all were sun burnt on the side that was facing up and the otherside wasn’t depending on how we were laying. Haha it was pretty funny..we all went home looking like candy canes. Try explaining that to mom and dad!


Favorite body part: gonna have to be a girls stomach,hips, and butt..sorry cant choose just one! But it is a damn tough choice between that and her legs!! Hmmm!

Fav underwear for his daily activities and for those cook sexy moments (lol!):  I only wear boxer briefs, but I wear my cheaper cotton ones during the day or to bed and save the nicer ones for like castings and jobs and what not and also for going out cuz you neveeer knooow;) haha

In his IPOD: I don’t think I have a favorite singer. I like a lot of music.It just depends on what I´m in the mood for. But if you were to look on my Ipod you would see a lot of classic rock and hip hop! That pretty much sums it up. It´s actually pretty weak right now. Need to get on that!


Fav food: Oh gees. I hate this question cuz I love food period! Aaall kiiinds of food haha. I actually hate being a model cuz I just want to eat so much all the time haha, but I love Mexican food. And salads.iI´m a big salad fan, call me girly I don’t care!!!!:) and I love good cooked meatlike steak and chicken! mmmmh!

An unforgettable moment: hhmmm ..when I saw the planes fly into the World Trade Center towers. Unforgettable!

Upcoming projects

It was a pleasure sharing and fun! I haven´t been asked some of that stuff in a while. It´s fun seeing how much I´ve changed! In a good way!!

As for upcoming things, I´m here in Hong Kong working till may then a little break back home in colorado to get away for a week.Then back to LA to pick up where I jeft off with the acting! As of now that’s all I have planned.


When you´ll come to my world?

I wish I could come right freakin now!! Haha no but I would love to get down there as soon as I can! Hopefully work will bring me down there soon!!

Motto: hhhm..probably “live every day as if it were your last!” And f* it! hahaha

Bryan Guinaugh

Contact info: Nomad Management