Baixada Santista rocks, the series: model Bruno Tavares

16 set, 2012

Meet Bruno Tavares, another cool brazilian model, born in Santos, Brazil!

Hello everyone, how´s life?

I´m Bruno Tavares, 28 years old and I´ve been modeling since 2006.

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I love surfing and the sea

How did all begin? Well, I introduced myself to some modeling agencies, I did my first test shooting for a telephone company and that´s how it all began folks.

Working with photographer means to me go straight to the point! It´s really cool when you work with photographers that know exactly what to do once they start to click. So we do a professional shooting in a short period of time.

My catwalks experiences are basically the surf wear style because I´m not too tall. By the way Ed, I´m not a fashionista. I´m
a surfer, so I love the surf wear, that´s my style :)

Women work more than us and, of course, they got much more exposure into the fashion industry. But we are getting the
stylists´s attention too. Just take a good look in the male models around doing great campaigns. One of them is the super
model Lucas Gil (a great friend of mine too!). Fernanda Tavares is one of my fav female models. She rocks!

Well that´s all folks. Living in one the best cities around the world and working a lot. Stay tuned for my upcoming
campaigns. Thanks for having me Ed.


Bruno Tavares da Fonseca

Ed and Bruno

Contact info
Mega Model Brasil

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