New faces rock, the series. Episode 55: Bruno Gimenez

27 ago, 2012

Hello everyone! I´m Bruno Gimenez

I was born in Rio Claro, a very quiet city of 200 thousand inhabitants and located about 2 hours from São Paulo, Brazil.

People always used to tell me that I had ” the look” and after many invitations I decided to give a try.

One year ago I got discovered by my booker Wagner Feriatto from Upper Model. He  introduced me to the fashion world. Since then, I´ve been learning a lot, he´s been giving me important tips for increasing my career as professional model. I love modeling and I do my best to achieve my goals. I thank God for guiding me in my decisions. Life is cool!

Working with photographers: feeling comfortable

What I like most is feeling myself comfortable once they start to click. I feel relaxed and just let it flows! I enjoy the ride and have fun.

Once in an editorial we were all ready for the shooting, but then it was cancelled. So we decided to shoot in a square and the result turned out great. It´s  just a matter of a professional teawork focused on doing their best. Great moment folks!

I never posed naked and I really don´t intend to do

Women still rule but….

Yep yep, Women still rule this industry but we are getting more and more exposure in this market. We see more products for us nowadays. Just take a look in magazines, stores, tv ads. So, we can´t complain, lots of cool jobs are coming to our way. We rock!!! lol lol

The catwalks experiences

I´ve already walked for some cool fashion designers. A funny backstage moment? Hmmmm, well, once we were all together in the backstage (men and women), a huge adrenaline to wear those clothes in a short period of time and  a male model really didn´t want to undress in front of the female models. He was really ashamed and the client got  nuts! A really funny and embarassing situation. Hmmmm, def it was not good for him!

A fashionista?

Either in the castings or in my daily activities, I like to wear a basic black shirt, jeans and casual shoes.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I’d feel relaxed and would sign autographs to everyone cause they are the people who support me.

Fame x Success

The fashion world is a very interesting market, it changes all the time and you have the opportunity to meet so many different and fascinating people around the world. You can see models in mags, ads, newspapers, it´s so cool to see our bodies and faces in these publications and also in the catwalks.

Models are  not famous people as we see in soccer players, but we can be famous in our market and living a cool life, In other words, we are able to go to places and be anonymous in the crowd!

Atracting someone´s attention

Simply being myself

Having fun, enjoying life

Chilling out with my buddies, travelling, going to unusual places

In his Ipod

Hillsong united and some electronic musics

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cooool sexy moments (lol!)

Lupo and when I go to castings CK and Armani all the way!

An unforgettable moment

My first catwalk show ever!

The upcoming projects

I want to focus on my international modeling career. I intend to travel to Asia and Milan. It´s just the beginning. I feel very excited to my upcoming projects. Stay tuned folks, cause here I go!


Fight always and never give up
Agency: Upper Model Management


Bruno Gimenez

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