Bruno Gama: “The best catwalks´ experiences so far were the Givenchy show in Paris, Phillip Lim show in NYC and a Hair show also in NYC that was on a very cool place called Gothan Hall”

04 jul, 2011

I am Bruno, 21 years old from Florianópolis/Brazil.

I am a friendly guy who loves to enjoy life to the fullest! My personal  interests are related to sports, films, reading and of course food.



I was discovered by a scouter in a row of a rock concert in 2005. concert He took me to São Paulo to get to know few agencies but at that moment i had no intention to leave my city because I had other plans related to my studies and sports. So, only in 2009 I decided to give a try and moved to São Paulo. In just 4 months I made my first international trip as a model to Newy York, so I think I feel lucky.


Working with the photographers: feeling comfortable in front of the cam

My first shooting was with the photographer Marcelo Mazza in São paulo and it was pretty cool.

It´s so cool working with the photographers when they let you being as much natural as possible, giving you  some tips but let the model feel comfortable in front of the cam. I always try to be in good shape in every shoot and a previous good night sleep is very important before the shootings.

The catwalks

My best catwalks´ experiences so far were the Givenchy show in Paris (which I was exclusive) , Phillip Lim show in NYC and a Hair show also in NYC that was on a very cool place called Gothan Hall. Nothing to funny happened on those jobs besides natural jokes among the models.

But a funny story happened to me was a fashion show where a female model fell down on the catwalk in front of me and I helped her. That´ss the only one I remember.

The Modeling world: the female models still rule?

I think that is the most important thing in our business to be solved since that is the only career in the world where women gain as much as 10 times more than men. Male models are getting more and more exposure  but still you can not compare to the female market.

I have no favorite female models and the male models i like to look their jobs is Simon Nessman and Sean O’pry.

A fashionista?

I am not a Fashionista at all. I like to fell comfortable and wear pretty casual clothing. When I´m not working as a model, I prefer jeans and T shirts.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, it would be a little scared situation since that it never happened to me yet. I would try to act as natural as possible and talk to everybody.


Show biz

It gives you a shorter way to have your financial security and if you work in a real professional way, you´ll be succeedeed in this business.

Dating X Love

I have found my LOVE already.


Soccer and Tennis. Best feeling in the world.
Atracting someone´s attention

A good conversation.

Having fun
Surrounded by nice vibe people on a beautiful natural place.


The craziest thing….
I am not that crazy so I would say a rave party that I went in my hometown once. That was kinda nasty for me.

Fav body part and why

Eyes. cause that is how you get to know a person.
Fav underwear for his daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol!). For daily activities, a comfortable boxer  briefs and for cool sexy moments no underwear at all LOL.

In his IPOD

I don´t have a fav singer, because I like so many singers. From O Rrappa (brazilian band) to U2. You can find
pretty much everything, besides Pagode (similar to a brazilian samba), country and electronic musics.

Favorite food

Japanese at this moment, but it changes from times to times


His guilty pleasure

I do not have one really but I would say get drunk once in a while. It is good when you are living the
moment but the next day does not work at all for me at least.

If you weren´t a model you´d be:  Something related to sports.

An unforgettable moment

See Manhattan for the first time from the window of a plane, listening to Paper Planes by M.I.A.
Motto: Be a good Person The Projects
´m in NYC now and my project is to focus on my modeling career and enjoy life to the fullest.


Bruno Gama

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