Athletes into the fashion world. Episode 3: the olympic swimmer Bruno Fratus

16 mai, 2012

Being the faster as I can inside the pool

That´s Bruno´s words to express himself how he atracts someone´s attention. And I def agree with him!. Bruno is one of our brazilian olympic swimmers that will be in the London´s 2012 Olympics and also he has joined the World of Models family, after all, he got THE LOOK!

Good luck Bruno and send my best regards to all brazilian swimmers that will be in London.

Brazil is really so proud of you guys!


Ed, the brazilian editor

First of all, thanks for the opportunity. There’s not much to say about myself, my life is basically all around my routine of training and competition, so I try to have the best discipline I can during the training season.

I was born in Macaé, a city located in the state of Rio de Janeiro in 1989 and I was raised in Natal (north city of Brazil), the place where I enjoy surfing and it has the best  shrimp and fried fish ever!

Bruno on fashion world

Most of time the fashion world looks very interesting and I think it´s cool seeing the professional athletes on ads, runways, fashion campaigns. I’m not a metrosexual or something, but it is always important to look good, well dressed and sometimes even a little fancy, but in my daily activities I prefer wearing comfortable clothes. I´m totally into it!

Fame, success, Show business, most important things for his life….

I don’t care much about fame and success, that’s not what matters at all. But we cant ignore show business and everything that comes with it, athletes need to build a cool image to their fans and sponsors, so its important for us.

About important things… I just need my family, discipline and lots of hard work, nothing comes without it!

In my opinion, thats what being an athlete is all about, to motivate people cause even tough being from different cultures everybody likes winning, breaking limits and the other values that competitive sports represent.

Imagine u a very famous athlete surrounded by a huge crowd

I ain’t got no idea!! ahuahuahauhauah I just cant imagine me being THAT famous.

A fashionista?

Just casual.

Dating X Love

Right now Im kinda in love with my olympic goal.


Obviously swimming and a little bit of UFC and NFL.

Atracting someone´s attention

Being the faster as I can inside the pool.

Having fun, enjoying life

Let me see…I love cinema, reading and eat real good food. When you are in a high level sport, theres not much time to “enjoy” life like normal people, I spend 99% of summertime on my training so, theres not much about crazy stuff. when I have a little break, I like to go to my parents house.

Fav body part

Definitely my brain

Fav underwear for those cool sexy moments lol

I prefer no underwear at all lol lol

In his Ipod

Right now The Misfits.

Fav food

A brazilian classic: rice, black beans, steak and aggs.

Guilty pleasure

Cofffee!! Totally addicted to it.

Top 5 swimming pools

Shanghai, Sydney and Rio are the best ones

His feeling on a olympic dream

Its not easy, you guys I’ll see sweat, tears and sometimes even a little blood, its all about hard work. But when you get there, with the medal on your chest… its the best felling in the whole world ever!.

Countdown to London Olympics 2012: On behalf of the World of Models family, I wish u Good luck champ!!!

Contact info

Flávia Ribas
Esporte Clube Pinheiros
Esporte Clube Pinheiros

Bruno Fratus facebook!/FratusOficial

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