Bruno Fabre: “My first show was for MISSONI and the day after I was on the cover of THE TIMES newspaper”

15 mar, 2014

I’m Bruno Fabre, a french guy , 22 years old and I live in Paris.


I like music (can´t live without it). I play the guitar and music is very important for me. It creates links between people and this is universal!

I enjoy sports too, I did a lot of soccer in high school when I was younger. Obviously Fashion is one or my passions too. I think if I didn’t like fashion I couldn’t be a model.




I think modeling is something that falls on you. When I was younger I used to hear some people say I should try modeling.  My mother was always seeing Fashion TV and especially during the fashion weeks so I saw a lot of shows.

Modeling: how did all begin

When I was 19 at the end of my first year in Paris (my parents live in Bourgogne) I did my first test shoot and I signed with a big agency in Paris, but four months later they didn’t keep me. Here is my first experience in modeling, I knew nothing about modeling agency and everything. Then I did a break and continued my study in my business school.



During this year I was thinking about modeling, how to start again because I knew I could be model. I turned to acting and ad and I did my first TV Advertising for Nintendo. Then next year I started again modeling I did a test with a friend in old railways in Paris, and shortly after I signed with an agency and it real begins here.

Posing to photographers: feedback and good connections

What I really like when I work with a photographer is when there is a kind of connection or good feedback between us  and my favorite moment is when I can express myself and give the best of myself. I need positive energies.

Self Search

Pimp my prince8


Before posing, sleeping is very important, sometimes when I got time I do sport before go to a shooting, I try to be cool and I remove the bad thoughts from my mind. I feel good with my body, our body is our image, this is the job and we have to be naked sometimes.

I did a film for a French realisator Chirstophe Honoré called Les metamorphoses and it was my first naked experience I had to be naked facing the team and the camera but it was for the film and I did it. At first I stressed but then all went well.


The catwalks´ experiences: first time for Givenchy

I did my first show for Givenchy in Paris fashion week for the Spring Summer 2014 collection. It was a big show, there was top models and fashion industry and I was here as a new face. It was exciting and a bit stressful, more I had number 13 and I’m superstitious that’s why I was a bit stressed ahah. But it was a fabulous experience and I was so happy to walk for my first time for Givenchy.

D.GNAK BY KAN D. Milan fashion week FW14.

D.GNAK BY KAN D. Milan fashion week FW14

Missoni Milan fashion week FW14

Then I walked in Milan for the last fashion week. My first show was for MISSONI and it was the same day as my birthday (12.01)! Definitely the best gift Jand the day after I was on the cover of THE TIMES newspaper.


The same day I walked for ETRO, a wonderful show in Milan and my last show was for D.GNAK BY KANG D. The last show of Milan fashion week and I opened this show! I did 3 shows for my first season in Milan I liked everything in my trip all people I met, the agency.


“This is your time to shine” like a friend of mine says, this is your glorious moment. Sometimes when I walked I say to me in my mind “wow you walking now it’s na amazing sensation”. Then I forgot everything. I try to do empty in my mind because if you think about something the camera will see you ahah. I try to give a good glance to camera and photographers.

Male models x Female models


Nowadays men become to dress and buy clothes but this is sure we don’t have the same exposure as women´s industry.  First because women buy more clothes than men (but not me I think I buy clothes as a woman lol). There is more shops for women, more brands and the market is much more important.  Men are less paid in fashion industry and women still rule this business!

Any role model as an inspiration for your modeling career?

Since I’m young I never had any idols whether in fashion industry or in my life I just have a lot a inspirations facing me and I just believe in me this is how I advance.

Bruno, a fashionista?

I really like fashion, I’m always looking for scarce clothes, or clothes people don’t have.  I have my addresses and some good websites, so I try to have my style and stay unique. I don’t really want to have same clothes as people. For example if I see someone wearing the same shirt as mine, you can be sure I’ll never wear the shirt again or just at home lol. I just want to look like myself. When I’m not working as a model I stay the same I keep my style I always be like this.

I´m Bruno Fabre and nobody else :). I hope inspire people around me like they inspire me. I try to stay always open minded.



 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

If the situation presents to me I’ll keep cool and smile. I’m used to see people looking at me because of my hair and my style. I think show business is a world apart totally different from normal life. Show business can be something good but you must be careful, don’t trust everybody and not be so gentle!

Atracting someone´s attention

I don’t really have method for seduction, but I always try to catch the glance. I think the most important things are the feeling between you the other person, if you can laugh together and obviously affinity. For me if something is missing. Next. 


I always like playing soccer, when I was in college I was in section sport study in Auxerre. I still keep good memories. I skate recently and since I’m younger this is a thing that I really want to do, sensations are so great!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? What´s your fav superhero?

My superpower: FLY and FLY AWAY. Superhero: Robin LOL I’m jocking

 The dumbest think u´ve heard a model says

“I’ll not wear it! I’m a model”


Pimp my prince9

Atracting someone´s attention  

If I want to attract someone’s attention first I’ll stay natural, I’ll looking for the glance and if I feel something between us maybe this is the beginning of a story ahah. I like subtle things.


Having fun, enjoying life 

I like playing the guitar and jam to have fun! Most of time I play with my brother who teaches me. He’s an autodidact and a fantastic guitarist, and my best friend who plays the guitar too and sings! They have their own band and I would like to join them. I listen a lot of music, I like to go to the theatre and see actor game’s live, I have a particular emotion. I skate, I play soccer and I like to see friends.

 I don’t prefer a place in Paris more than another one (exept my home) because each place is diferente.  I know whatever the place, the people even if I’m alone I’ll enjoy, so I don’t have special place where I like to go. If this is the case this is boring ahah. But I have my place who’s different from all the rest, this is in Bourgogne where my parents live. Each time during Summer lying in the grass looking at the stars and seeing shooting stars too


Craziest thing in a summer time season

Maybe this will not be the craziest thing I ever did during a Summer but the craziest thing arrived me in Summer. I was last Summer in the natural park facing my home in Bourgogne where there is a big pond, a lot of vegetation an and who is a bit wild.

I was sitting on a bench with my brother playing the guitar chilling almost feet in the water when an helicopter arrived and flew above the park. It was around 3 am, a full moon night so you could see everything like in day. He began to illuminate the park with a big without reason looking for something, this here the adrenalin high, we were hidden behind a tree and the helicoptere illuminate the bench where we were sat and where I’ve forgotten my scarf because it was cold during the night.

Just after the helicopter illuminated something else I took my scarf and run so fast across the park with my brother to the way out. Facing the way out we had to climb a high door and we run until our home who is facing the park and hid under a tree. This is true story.

DSC_0781 copie copie


 Fav body part and why

My five body parts will be legs, hands, lips, eyes

 Fav underwear for all cool and sexy moments!

I wear boxers and sometimes underpants


It’s complicated to me to say I have a favorite singer but there was one who was for me a revelation. This is Stevie Ray Vaughan, a famous guitarist who played the blues so well and sings too. I want to sing I have to learn. My main influences are Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pass, George Duke, Roy Ayers, BB King, Jazz Liberatorz, Derek Trucks, Victor Wooten, Django Reinhardt, Marcus Miller.. I hear a lot of music and I’m very open minded whatever the style if the music is great and groovy I’ll enjoy. I listen blues, jazz, bossa, classic, reggae, hip hop, jazz manouche, minimal..




Ananas, salmon, almond, chicken, rice

Guilty Pleasure

Brioche and Nutella with milk.



If you weren’t model, u´d be….

Only God knows ahah

An unforgettable moment

When I was confirmed to go in NYC for the last fashion week in September and at the last minute it was canceled.

Next Chapters

My projects for the next months is to travel, I want to travel across the world and enjoy the life. I would like to go to London, New York, Tokyo, Brazil and South Africa. I don’t know if I can do everything. In modeling for me the best thing is to meet new people each time, It’s very important for me to do different things each time and be with new people, if this is not the case I’m bored and I find life boring. I would like to meet all people in the earth but this is not possible in one life. lol


7 8


Seven times down eight times up


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 Contact info: Boom Model Agency

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