Model Bruno Endler: “This year I opened the show for Dirk Bikkemberg on Milano fashion week”

20 jul, 2014

Hello everyone, my name is Bruno Endler and I´m from São Leopoldo, south city of Brazil.

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I started modeling when I was 19 years in my hometown.  The scouter Anselmo Camaleão found me when I was in a bar with my friends.

Bruno Endler (22)



Bruno Endler (7)

Bruno Endler (19)

I came to São  Paulo and got signed to my first agency. After one year I started to travel abroad and  I went to Thailand (my first international trip). I stayed in Asia during 3 years.

I got so much experience, it was really important and nice time there.  Then I decided to take it more seriously. Recently I went to Milan during the last summer season and I did it well.

Posing to photographers

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Bruno 07

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To be honest I prefer when the photographers know what they want, when they drive me to the right position, to the right light. Its really important and helpful to get a nice shooting.´

Catwalk: Opening the Dirk Bikkemberg´s show



I have not done that much shows yet, but for those I did was a nice experience. I did João Pimenta 2 years ago, and this year I opened the show for Dirk Bikkemberg on Milano fashion week. It was really   exciting when I was walking down the catwalk and everybody looking at me. I did my best :) 

Male models x Female models: who rule?

We can´t compare them. Female market is a big step forward from male market, but we are doing good.  I believe we are on the right way.

Concerning models who have inspired me, honestly I have no inspired model on my side, but I’m always trying to do my best and getting tips from other models. A main focus on my career is not to be the best, but always do my best, throw that way I can harvest what I’ve been planting. 

Bruno Endler (17)

Bruno Endler (15)

Bruno´s style: a fashionista?

 No I’m kind of basic, jeans, shorts,  t shirt, as everyone I just like to look good wearing basic stuff. I don´t follow any fashion trends



Sport means life and like mostly brazilians  I love football. I used to do standup on longboard, and I keep doing my workout at gym.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

Well, that would be really fun and also a strange situation, but probably I’d try to handle the situation on a calm way. But to be honest, I can not Imagine that situation so far haha.

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Bruno Endler (4)

Bruno Endler (8)

Dating x loving: Im a lover

Super power:  Be Invisible

Favorite superhero: Daddy.

Childhood memory: Been in the farm with my family, that was a great time.

Favorite book: Only Bible, It brings me peace.

Dumbest think that u ever heard a model say

 I heard that Milan was the capital of French haha

Atracting someone´s attention: Eyes contact

Bruno Endler (2)

Bruno Endler (1)

Bruno Endler (10)

Having fun, enjoying life: I love to have fun with my family and traveling around the world.

Craziest thing in a summer time season: That´s a secret :)

Favorite body part and why: my abs, I like the way I built it

Favorite underwear for all moments: as usually white underwear

Favorite singer: I like Soja, O Rappa, Bob Marley, etc… And I used to be a Dj  I like to play deep house.

Food: salmon

Bruno Endler

Guilty pleasure: love.

An unforgettable moment: unfortunately, when my girlfriend died.

Motto: just stay conscious

Bruno Endler (14)

Bruno Endler (11)


The next chapters

I´ve just signed to L´Equipe agence and Im really happy and enthusiastic to work with this great team!

 Agency: lequipe.

That was a really pleasure to share my story with u guys. Thank you all :)

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Agency: L´Equip Model & Arts 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor


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