Bruno Amora: Working around the world and having a real good time as a male model!

01 jan, 2012

Well, I´m from São Paulo, Brazil, I’ve been traveling for 5 years as a model.

I really enjoy it and have fun modeling! I have to say that modeling is the best career because we make money having fun!

Modeling was not my first choice. I was scouted and decided to give it a try. Now, I´m working with Ford models Brazil, but I’m based out of Brazil. For me the best thing about being a model, firstly is the money, secondly the travels and parties!


I like when the photographers really know what they are doing. Professionalism is the key beacause I’ve already been put in many embarassing situations.

I also like to know about the team involved with the project and be cool to everyone.

Posed naked already?

I’ve never had to pose naked, but if I had to do it, it would be for a lot of money.

The catwalks: Slapping a female model´s butt!

the coolest show I’ve already walked for was Mario Queiroz, I opened his show at the São Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil. The funniest one was in Thailand. I had to walk side by side with a female model and at the end of the catwalk I had to slap her butt. hahahaah

Male models got the same exposure as female models?

Not a chance! hehehe, we are not as recognized as the female models, but we do have our place in this industry.

A fashionista?

Not at all. Cmfort is the key! Although I’m in this industry, I’m not a fashion victim.

Imagine you a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would tak to everyone and be polite.

Fame, Success, most important things for his life……

To me it’s just a job! Fame means nothing to me, it’s not my goal in life. Mmmh… I’d only chose one…family!!!!!

Having fun, enjoying life

I love hanging out with friends and traveling in my spare time.

Fav body part and why

My eyes, because they are the windows to the soul.

Fav underwear for the daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol)

CK all the way!

In his IPOD

Jason Mraz, James Morrison and Jack Jonhson.

Fav food


If you weren´t a model, you´d be…

I would be in markerting stuff, which I studied in Brazil before modeling

The Projects

Heading to Barcelona and Milan this year!

An unforgettable moment

My first trip to Milan as a model where I met amazing people who showed me the ropes of this industry. I’ve achieved most of my goals.

Full name: Bruno Soares Amora

Mother agency: FORD Models Brasil


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