Brune Zanatta: “Everything in fashion world is connected to show business and we are all part of it”

15 mar, 2015

Hello everyone, first off,  I want to say thank you for the opportunity :), It´s  a pleasure for me to be part of World of Models family!  



I am Brune Zanatta and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazi. I spent part of my childhood there and later I moved to state of Goiás,  living there during some years. 

I was always a quiet girl, it is not so easy to make me nervous or kind of that ☺ I like to read, watch series and to travel the world doing what I love.




Modeling: how did all start 

Actually since I was a kid I wanted to be a model and I did some children’s job. When I was 14 a friend of mine told me about a open call in my city to go to Sāo Paulo for modeling. Then I went there, a year later I moved to Sāo Paulo and when I turned 17 I did my first international trip to work.  

For me the best thing about modeling is that we, models, will never going to do the same thing every day. The feeling to travel around the world and meet different people from different cultures It is awesome!

 My first real test shooting I made before I moved to Sāo Paulo  was fun because I didn’t know any modeling poses and how to express a feeling in front of camera. 

Posing to photographers



I simply like to listen some good music and do some meditation then I can be more focused and excited about the job, I also like when there’s some music in the studio according with what kind of feeling the clients want to. 

In my opinion, a good photographer will always make you feel comfortable about the job, so if I am doing a naked shooting, unless is not for something vulgar, It’s fine. 

The runway shows 

I do more shootings and campaigns than catwalk shows but once I did for Shanghai Fashion Week and a show for the stylist Sergio Davila from Peru. 

When I am walking down the catwalk I try not to think a lot, just be focused and look forward. 

Male models x Female models: who rule the fashion business? 

I know many good male models around the world and I think the male models´ market have benn growing up a lot in these last years and it will continue growing. 




The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say? (lol) 

Not just the models but I always listen to so many people asking and telling me that we Brazilians speak Spanish. Everybody who travels already heard that.

Brune, a fashionista? 

I always like to stay up looking what is happening on fashion trends, but it doesn’t mean I will wear it. In general I would define my style as casual with some nice accessories. 

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

 For sure I would give them attention, I guess it is good to be recognized by your career, but of course, everything in our life must have a balance.


On show business 

Everything in fashion world is connected to show business and we are all part of it.

 Loving x Dating 

Loving is the answer for a better world. 


When I was a kid I used to do swim class but I was never a sport fan, haha. Nowadays when I go to the beach I surf for fun and I love it.

 Having fun, enjoying life and attracting someone´s attention 

I like to go out with friends at restaurants and bars to have fun. I don’t think I have some special way to get someone´s attention, I’ll only be myself and have a good vibe and if someone really like me, they will like me the y I am.




Music and Food 

My music style depends on my mood, in my IPOD there are many different genres of music, but generally I like to listen some pop rock, alternative and brazilian popular music.

 My favorite food for sure is Brazilian food. Hahaha

Fav body part and why 

I love my hair hehe, and I don’t know why, but I also like my shoulders.




If u weren´t a model, u´d be… 

If I wasn’t a model I have no idea what I would be, maybe something related to graphic design.

 An unforgettable moment 

When I ate rice in Asia for the first time, it was a funny and unforgettable moment, hahahaha. 

Motto: “Be in love with your life, every minute of it.” 

My mother agency is Fun Models Management from Porto Alegre, Brazil.  

Thanks for having me World of Models family.Hope you enjoy it and

Cheers everybody!


Brune Zanatta 

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor






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