Brian Kehoe: “If I could go back, I would have been much nicer to everyone around me in that model house”

30 jun, 2011

In this second part interview, my bud Brian Kehoe, one of the most popular model in the Janice Dickinson reality show, talks about his controversial behavior during the seasons of this reality show.

So the way I was introduced to the Janice Dickinson show was on MySpace one day back in college. I randomly came across her page and it had all of the information about the open call that was coming up and the part that got me was “Do you have what it takes?” Those words really struck a chord in me! I obviously wanted to go and show my stuff and see how I would rate! And apparently I was a big enough idiot for reality television, so I was cast. LOL.

The JDMA´s seasons: completely drawn into his “asshole” character

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After filming season 2, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my opportunity and ended up being a part of seasons 3 and 4 which were a blast! I feel like the show gave me a chance to experience and meet a lot more people in my first few years in LA than I would have normally been exposed to. As with any reality television show, drama was a LARGE part of the excitement.

I really enjoyed the attention that I was recieving from my first two seasons of JDMA, so going into season 4, I made the decision to stand out even more, in hopes making my own spin off reality show. Getting caught up in all the drama of models living together under one roof, I got carried away and became completey drawn into my “asshole” character and did things that were far from who I sincerely am. We had no access to our cell phones, the internet or television, so our only emotional outlet was EACHOTHER!

If I could go back, I would have been much nicer to everyone around me in that model house. I can’t even finish watching some of those old episodes because I’m so disgusted with how I behaved. Ya know, it was mostly drama. And when cameras are on you at all times, you kind of show boat a little bit because you don’t want to be the boring person. At least that’s how I felt, and it didn’t always work out in my favor.

Catalina Island, Ed Hardy fashion show: good memories

The overall experience was so much fun! Traveling to Catalina Island to shoot 2-xist, and going to Miami and walking in an Ed Hardy fashion show are all memories I won’t ever forget!

Working with Janice Dickinson: mutual respect

Janice was one of the first people to really bring fashion to the level that it’s at today, and I’m grateful to have worked with her. I see Janice out to lunch from time to time and we say hello, chat for a minute and go on our separate ways. She’s busy doing her thing, and I’m busy doing mine. We have a mutual respect for one another, that is understood without words.

Brian and the other models: a cool friendship?

A lot of the models were really annoyed with how I was acting in the model house, so I don’t think they were sad to see me go. I’ve spoken to all of them since we stopped filming 2 years ago, and they all understand that  I let the cameras and drama get the best of me. But in the time of fire, they really couldn’t do much to save me from the wrath of Janice hahaha

I still keep in touch with most of the models. With Facebook, it makes it pretty easy to know what everyone is doing. I run into Dominique Sharpe all the time at castings. Traci Moslenko and I developed a really close friendship after she denied me from being her boyfriend, LOL. And her and I will always remain good friends.

A new reality for Brian?

I’ve been asked to participate in a few other reality shows since we finsihed filming JDMA, and I denied the opportunity. Being a part of a reality television show is SO MUCH FUN, however, if you want to do more in terms of modeling or acting, there is a limit to which you need to not go over if you want clients to continue to take you seriously. If that makes sense?? And I believe I just about went over that limit in my 3 season of JDMA. So for me, no more reality tv.

The next chapter

I have been living in Los Angeles for the past 4 years modeling, as well as pursuing a career in television/film. And because LA is where a person must be to really take advantage of Hollywood, I never really tooo my modeling career to the next level and traveled. That is something that I would like to change. There is some interest fr0m a few agencies in Milan, and also Korea that I’m looking to work with and see the world! At least before I am in a position with a wife and kids and unable to just pick up and leave!

I am grateful that I was given the chance to leave Reno, NV and begin a career in modeling, that is now opening up doors to go worldwide. God gives all of us a chance to live our dream, but we have to be awake and open, to what he is saying. I encourage all of you to live the life that you want and listen to your inner voice. A great book that I reccommend to everyone  I meet is The Alchemist. It will make sense when you read it. And Thank you to Eddie and World of Models for bringing the fashion world so much closer together!!!

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