Photographer Brian Jankic: “My mentor Gianpaolo Barbieri gave me my first Rolleiflex cam, taught me everything about culture, art , films and, of course, classic film photography”

05 mai, 2011


I was born In Vukovar (Croatia) 1983. After the Civil war in Jugoslavia (1995), I moved to Munich, germany where I grew up and finished my school in technology. When I was 21 I went to Milan where I started a modeling career.


There I met my big teacher and mentor Gianpaolo Barbieri, who is a big fashion/art Photographer. He gave me my first Rolleiflex cam, taught me everything about culture, art , films and, of course, classic film photography. I’m inspired by 

 artist like Caravaggio and film Noir, I don´t know how to describe my style in words, you get it or don’t. My vision sometimes might appear weird and ugly, but I always leave the opinions for the beholder´s eyes.



The digital era and the impact of worldwide economic crisis on fashion photography

I think the digital era opened up new possibilities , at the same time it reduced the  effort and so the appreciation  for the art of Photography.

“Money has corrupted everything, I’m going into hiding”  Pier Paolo Pasolini
 Our consuming society today made us blind for the image. We  have a wide range of photograpehrs who take pictures of clothing and sexy models in poses only. I think we needed the crisis in every aspect , and after the dark , light will come!

The whole entertainment branche and so the fashion photography will colapse first, so they´ll experience a new wave,  establishing new values and creative outcome.

Hearts of Men


Right now I’m putting all my energy into a short film that I Shot and directed 2 months ago. It’s called  ” Hearts of Men”, a story of five men, yet raw gentleman. The expression of their morals, beliefs and understanding tells like a tale from a bygone era, an era of passion for oneself and others, which seemed to be forgotten.


One of the characters in this film is my close friend Sam Webb,  whom I’v been working many times before. Sam is one of the most expressive Characters that i know and worked with, he is never modeling on a shot, no matter what , he tries to understand the photographer /director´s concept and gives his best to fit into the role. Sam has been is always in the moment. Also he accompanied me on my very first steps in the world of photography.

For this shooting I designed a scenario of a knife´s fight in which we used a real knife. When all characters got enthusiastic , my friend Sam Webb got stabbed in the leg by accident. it was nothing serious , so we could continue the shoot.

The special moments and working with the models

Capturing a special moment is almost impossible to get the PERFECT image!!!!!!

I shoot my pictures to satisfy a creative hunger , and if it helps somebody that’s a bonus , I don’t expect that from the beginning.

Top cool places for a shooting


Berlin, closed down factories in New York I like unusual places, where  it´s dangerous and sometimes forbbidden to go in. It’s like a child when you discover new things.



St. Jerome by Caravaggio

The photographer Brian Jankic!

With his mentor Gianpaolo Barbieri

Contac info: Brian Jankic studio


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