Brett Staal on show business: “Every day could be your day. So you get to dream a little bigger then most people at a typical jobs get to.”

17 jan, 2015



I was born in Anaheim Ca and grew up in Artesia California. I moved around a lot as a kid. First 6 years or so of my life where In Artesia, next 18 months or so where in Houston Tx and then back to Artesia Ca till I was 14.

Then I moved to Nashville Tn where I stayed throughout high school and College. After College I moved to NYC where I began modeling. My interests through out my life have changed but one interest the thing I love the most has stayed constant. Basketball. My number one interest something I love to play.

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Modeling: through the lens of photographer Ethan James  

As funny as it sounds, The reason I decided to become a model is because other people told me I should be a model. The way I got into modeling or how I was discovered you could say was through a photographer named Ethan James.

There where a few people before him who encouraged me to become a model but he was the first helpful person who ultimately got me signed to my first Modeling Agency  which was in NYC. He was the first photographer I shot with and he really helped me.  

He taught me a lot about modeling and the industry in general and really helped me get comfortable in front of a camera. He is a great photographer, friend and the reason I got into the modeling industry. And since being in the industry I have to say the best thing is the traveling and all the great people you get to meet and work with.

I really enjoy getting the opportunity to work with so many great people where as in most industries you don’t get that opportunity. So to me that is the best thing about Modeling

 The things I like most about working with different photographers is the different styles and personalities each and everyone brings. Some are very relaxed and let you just go and they capture it while others are more precise and specific. I love working with all of them and getting to see what we where able to capture during the shoot. There’s no specific routine I have before doing a shoot.

What I do like to do is ask a few question to find out what the goal of the shoot is so I can do my best to achieve that goal. And as far as being naked in front of a camera I don’t feel uncomfortable about my body in any way but I do like to know what the pictures are for. If the pictures are for a artistic shot and I feel the pictures can benefit both me and the photographer then yea that´s great. But if I don’t understand the reasoning for a nude picture then in that situation I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it.






The runway shows



 I’ve walked for a lot of designers all of whom where great. But the biggest and most recent designers I’ve walked for include  Armani.  Missoni Michael Baston and many more

And the things I think about when walking is just don’t mess up. Don’t fall lol. It´s stupid but that mostly all I think about haha.

And when it comes to funny back stage situations I have great memories like most models do. Hanging out with great people getting ready to work for a great designer. But I don’t have a specific story in mind other then one where a guy told me at a show that he’s always scared he’s going to be on the runway and for no reason get a bonnier. I just remember laughing at the guy after he told me that. And unfortunately I now think about it every time before a show and hope it doesn’t happen to me.

Male models rule the fashion industry? Who inspire u?


 Do I think male models have the same exposure as female models? Absolutely not.

Female models still get way more attention/exposure and way more money. And I do not think that will change ever. Do I have any models who inspire me to become a model? No I didn’t. Before I became a model I knew nothing about it.  

All I had to compare modeling to was the funny movie Zoolander. I’ve learned a lot more about modeling since becoming a model and really respect the models who came before me and are still modeling currently and are at the top. It takes a lot to et their and hope one day I can make it to the top.

The acting experiences 

Why I got into acting is its something iv always enjoyed. I’ve always loved watching movies and getting lost in another world or reality for at least a short time.

What I love most is the creativity and being a part of an idea or someones dream and making it come to life making something special.

The first acting job I did was a low budget feature film that was a batman movie. It was a great movie with a great director, actors and crew and it was so much fun. I got to play the Joker so it was a great experience being a crazy person haha.

My first audtiton thats memorable at least was for the Batman movie I was telling you about. It was very scary for me. I was very nervous and almost didn´t go because of how scared I was. But luckily I went and was blessed enough to book the role of The Joker.

I dont have any particular role I feel I have to do but there are a lot of roles and types of movies I’d love to be a part of. I just want to work with great people and do an amazing job bringing the work to life.







Modeling and Acting: both careers working together

I see some similarities between modeling and acting. There are a lot of difference but yes some similarities. You learn about angels and lighting and how to be comfortable in front of a camera. But it doesn’t always translate from one to the other for some people.

I’d love to continue doing both as long as I can. They are both so fun and I enjoy them so much. So hopefully I can do them both for many years to come

Brett, a fashionista?

I would have to say no. Things I like to wear on a typical day is

jeans and a T-shirt. Or if I’m going to the gym to work out or play basketball its gym shorts and a T-shirt. I like to keep it pretty simple and comfortable.

 Imagine u a famous model/actor surrounded by a huge crowd!

 Well that would totally depend on how and what type of wild

the crowd got. I’m sure I would feel good to be noticed and appreciated for the work I’ve done but might also want to get away from it as well. I enjoy the recognition but don’t want to be in it to long. I’m a little bit of a reserved person and to much attention

all at once can be a bit overwhelming I think.

 On show business

I enjoy it a lot. I like the type of work I do. It’s different and exciting every day. You never know when a certain job is going to take

you to the next level and change your life. Every day could be your day. So you get to dream a little bigger then most people at a typical jobs get to.

 Super powers and Superheroes

 If I could have a super power it would differently be to fly and fly fast. I love to explore and what better way then to be able to fly any where you want.

 Favorite superhero Batman. At least those are my favorite supper hero movies.


Having fun, enjoying life

 My way to have fun. Like I’ve said before I love sports especially basketball. But when I’m not playing sports I like traveling and going to new places. I like hanging out and going out with friends and meeting new people.

Fav underwear for all moments

Favorite type of underwear would have to be briefs. They are the most

comfortable while still being versatile. I can wear them to a casting or to the gym. Where almost any other type of under wear to me just isn’t comfortable.

Nickname in school

I had a few B, B Staal, and in College they called me Curls on my basketball team because at the time I had really long curly hair.


Earliest childhood memory

I was maybe 3 or 4 at my uncles house and I was standing up on a swinging chair rocking back and forth. Then I flipped the chair over

and fell landing straight on my head. I had a huge lump on my head for weeks.

Guilty pleasure

I like to eat a lot. Candy, pastries, sweets, pizza all of it. I really

like to eat. And a lot of times unhealthy stuff. I guess you can say I am a fatty at heart lol




If u weren´t a model/actor, u´d be….

I’d be a basketball player. Or at least I wish I was. Basketball

is and always will be my first love.

Next chapters

Some upcoming projects I have are more film related then modeling related. I have a few personal film projects as well as some others that I am working on or waiting for them to finish.

As for modeling I’ve just finished shooting a few things and am going to castings waiting to book my next job.

 And I don’t know when i’ll be in your world but I can’t wait till I get the chance. J

Mother Agency: Wilhelmina NY


Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor