Meet Brent Chua, the photographer who came from Philippines

01 jul, 2014

Hey there! Well, I come from the Philippines originally. Beautiful land we got there. Should really plan a project next time I go and visit. Photography, yes, all started in that spontaneous way.. playing around with a camera, experimenting.


I was inspired by someone in particular whom I found myself photographing and was surprised of the response the images received. Then came the encouragement from friends doing similar things and it all started from there pretty much.






The digital era: quality and technology

Yeah, for sure. That goes without say. It is difficult to complain about it if that’s the way it is. I’m sure it was very special though, before, when you had no choice but to develop your own images in a darkroom and the whole process. Was very different from now. I feel however that the multitude of options can be a good thing in this case.

But worldwide economic crisis is still affecting the fashion photography?

This we can say is most definitely visible and occurring. You see more and more a pattern of big companies wanting essentially the same thing over and over/playing it safe and so forth. Of course it is about commerce, that is understood, but the art must prevail over that.

And we can say that there are enough highly creative individuals within fashion to keep that aspect alive. Personally, if it would become one way and merely commerce, I would just go about doing my own things anyway.

Special moments making special and unique pics 

I would say that this happens when all is at some sort of peak– or an ‘in-between’. Meaning to say it is not so expected and happens spontaneously There is a synchrony between you and the subject. This important aspect of human connection occurring, and an effortless reaction. It is as though an enclosed little World, between two people, and this moment happens– and the photograph is bound to be wonderful.. I am sure these things translate.






Any funny/unusual backstage´ moment? 

I wouldn’t necessarily say that there is any particularly unusual occurrence. However, my unusual may be your usual and vice versa. I can say though that what I love most, as I said earlier, is that synchrony between everyone. When everything fits in this easy way. That is simply sublime.  

Top 5 cool places for a shooting and why

I very much enjoy the mountains, in Upstate New York. Untouched nature is clearly healthy to spend time in. I cannot think of five places in terms of exact locations, but rather I enjoy temporary locations– if you will. That is to say, something that is there and then gone.

So there is a brief moment to be there. An example can be of a construction site. It is there and then gone. As well, a pile of garbage on the street– rods of wood sticking out and all about. Beautiful. The sky in it’s changing colors. Animals passing by. We can say we like the passing things— ultimately inspiring and mirroring of life (though all is of course passing, just in different speed). 



Any thing can be worth a thousand words depending on the person and his mood. Let us say… or hope that, an image is worth a thousand more images- the kind you see at night during sleep. Or the kind that pop into the forefront of your mind when you least expect it. Then again, we are now speaking more so of ‘ideas’– that which all is born.






The photographer and the models: a cool teamwork

As much as one can extend his hand or encourage another without compromising himself, I see it as a really positive thing. I am happy to be there, for people in general. I do not impose my advices- I would imagine, but when one feels like he can offer some sort of truth, I believe that he should. Of course we are dealing with a lot of young people in this industry, at the beginning of their careers that hopefully turn out, and their first experiences of that career are quite significant, as they tend to shape the future perspective. So, yes, good thing to be there.

The Projects

I am definitely into consistent collaborations with like-minded people. Doesn’t seem to get much better than that. I work very well with a good friend of mine named Dmitry as well as a few others.

Current fashion projects have been consistent. I, as well, have some personal projects I am working on- though they are more so on-going.. no particular time frame.






An unforgettable moment

Every moment has been a worthwhile one!

Motto: In a dream within a dream, they say…



And when you´ll come to my world?

I should hope I can come soon! 

And thank you very much for having me. God bless always! More power!!!


Brent Chua

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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