Brandon Tobiassen: “my life has changed immensely, probably the biggest change has been the fact that I no longer have to work a 9-5″

24 nov, 2013


Well, my name is Brandon Scott Tobiassen. I grew up in a tiny town in Northern California called Nevada City. It´s up in the mountains near lake Tahoe and it´s still one of the prettiest places I´ve ever been.

I was raised on a ranch with horses and hunting dogs. I spent every weekend of my childhood/teen years in the woods tracking bears or some other animal. I have an intense love for nature and art, and i mix the two in my own drawings. Art is my true passion i believe, but modeling and traveling are closeseconds. 


Modeling: how did all begin

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 19 years old, my best friend had come down months before to pursue acting and soon found himself without room mates so I quit my job and moved down a week later.

At the time I had no interest in modeling but I had had alot of strangers on the street or at work tell me that i should. I did a few photo shoots but found that LA has some sketchy characters living here haha. So i decided the best route for me was to just party with my friends and work on art.


A couple years later a photographer for Japanese Vogue came through my line at my retail job and asked me to do a test shoot with him, I agreed, he then submitted me to three different agencies, all of which offered me contracts.

Since then my life has changed immensely, probably the biggest change has been the fact that I no longer have to work a 9-5 and get to travel the world on someone elses dime, something I never expected out of life. I´ ve spent two months working in Italy, been all over the U.S. for shoots as well.


Posing to photographers

I like meeting new people, it´s refreshing. It´s the same working with new photographers, everyone has a different vision and a different view on life in general, so it´s fun to find out where the two of us connect.

I´ve never done a nude shoot, but I don´t think i would have any problems, I´m constantly stripping down in front of complete strangers at castings and whatnot. I´m pretty comfortable in my skin by now.

One of the funniest moments so far happened last winter in Milan, i had a few friends in the Tom Rebl show. After the show we all were celebrating with a few a drinks, a few drinks turned into a few more and someone suggested a zoolander style walk off and so we went all out, stripping off clothes, break dancing, all in the middle of a club. ill never forget that night haha.


The runway shows

I try not to think when walking, I´m usually trying to play a song in my head, something to get me pumped and keep energy levels at a max. I´ve worked for different designers from Alverio Martini to Marni, Havana & Co.

I´ve shot editorials for Burberry and Gucci. It´s always interesting to me to see what their concepts are, some are simple and straight forward, some want something super specific and others let me play around a bit, keeps the job interesting, for sure.




Male models rule this business?

Haha, no way, women will always rule the fashion world, simply for the fact that a woman can look at a female model and easily see that she is beautiful, and of course, a man can do the same. Now, a woman can also look at a male model and see attraction but the average man has a problem admitting that another man is good looking.

So, I don´t think male models will ever get the attention that the female models get, I dont think we deserve it though haha. I honestly get most inspired by the models I´ve made into friends, seeing them progress and get more and more exposure just motivates me to reach for that next level.




The black models into the fashion industry

The market for black models seems to be doing very well in the states, atleast my friends in LA seem to do very well.

Brandon, a fashionista?

I wouldnt say Í´m a fashionista haha, I love to shop and dress well but I´m also very attached to my old punk style, so most days I´m in a dirty old t shirt and some faded denim. I like to be comfortable and when dressing I always think of the saying “it´s the man who makes the suit” which to me means that no matter what you´re wearing, accessorize it with confidence and no one can say a thing.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hahaa I would thrive  situations where you can feel admiration and envy builds intense confidence, it´s like a drug, so addictive.

Show business, fame, success…

Show business is intense, one day you´re on top, the next you´´ re on the bottom, the next you´re on the side. It´s amazing and horrifying all at once. 




Dating X Loving

I usually date beautiful “tom boy” types, the kind of girl that turns heads in a dress or a t shirt and jeans, she can get dolled up but doesnt feel the need to all the time.. i like girls with passion, whatever your interests are, put passion and confidence behind them and youll have my heart.

If you could have a super power what would it be?  Who’s your favorite superhero?

I would want to fly, for sure, there is alot of things behind walls that i never want to see. My favorite super hero is probably Batman, he´s a normal dude with a passion and the money to back it,  It´s realistic and I like that.

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say

After being told to hurry up a model responded with “well I can´t dress myself!” I found that pretty ridiculous.

Atracting someone´s attention

Act like you don´t care if they exist, and they will come running. 




Having fun, enjoying life

I love to have a few drinks mixed with great conversations about questions with no answers, i love modern day philosopher types. The kids who never stop asking questions are always the most interesting. I also enjoy my alone time alot, i love to draw and work on art with nothing but music or sometimes even silence. I think everyone needs to work out there imagination more.

The craziest (nastiest?) thing  in a summer time season

Hmm, that ones tough, I probably don´t remember it because I was intoxicated

Fav body part

The brain ;)

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments :)

David Beckham for H&M, cheap and fits perfect.

In his IPhone

I love so much music that it would be impossible to narrow it down to just one, lately I´ve been listening to alot of Justin Timberlake and a band called He Is Legend. I love all types and styles of music, I feel like people who only listen to one type of music are just holding themselves back.

Fav food



 Guilty pleasure

Pop music haha

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

An artist of some sort, probably tattooing somewhere



My motto is DON´T WORRY, I have it tattooed on my hands and i exercise this as much as possible. worrying helps nothing.

And when you´ll come to my world bud?

Soon I hope! i want to see everything the world has to offer!


Mother agency: Vision Los Angeles