Meet Bo Roberts, from Q Management!

13 ago, 2011

I´m from southern Indiana, just above Louisville, Kentucky.

Personal interests would be any team sports and being around positive people with good attitudes.


I used to participate in cage fighting and a photographer saw me preparing for a fight and wanted to do a shoot. The rest is history!

A fashionista?

I enjoy my YSL Johnny boots with dress slacks, button up shirt and a vest. I wear that for nights on the town. I usually have a little something different that nobody else does.

Bo on sports, atracting someone´s attention, musics, food…

As long as I can participate, I´ll enjoy it

If I want to atract someone, I speak to them. I take charge and approach them.

My music tastes is ever changing. I very much enjoy Michael Jackson, but also have Willie Nelson and Dethklok. Depends on what I´m doing.

Healthy stuff, of course!

Contact info: Q Management

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