New faces rock, the series. Episode 17: Bo Pressly

07 fev, 2011


The dancer from Charlotte

Well, I was born in Miami, FL. But was raised in Charlotte, NC. Southern raised and proud of it!  I am a dancer and have been training my whole life and dancing is actually what led me to  being discovered as a model.  I was training at The Martha Graham School here in NYC this past summer and I was approached by several scouts. 



A crazy dream

Modeling has always been an interest  of mine but I was always unsure of when the right time would be to actually go after a career.   So after being scouted by a couple of agencies I decided to go for it and to go after this crazy dream of becoming a model. 

The first test shooting

My first test shoot was with my amazing friend and photographer Kirt Reynolds.  I had a blast very simple looks but the objective was to capture me and who I really was.  Kirt was so pleased with the results that he submitted them to the fashionisto and with in a couple of days my portrait was featured. 


The best is yet to come!

Since then, Kirt has shot me several other times and is my favorite photographer to work with and I hope we can conquer some big projects together in the near future.  My career hasjust begun and I can not wait to see where this crazy adventure takes me next.



Bo Pressly

Contact info: APM Models

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