Berthold Rothas: “We’re like pirates traveling all over the world making a buck here and there. Sometimes more sometimes less”

28 jul, 2016



Thanks Mr Ed for the interview request. My shoes are off already. It’s 11.30AM on my iPad. The sun just came out. He (I refer to the sun as male nature) is most definitely one of my biggest personal interests. I like to greet him for sunrise at around 5am in various places of the earth and start in the twilight zone of the day with some ninja yoga moves and kundalini breathing. Also I enjoy firemaking.



Modeling: how did all begin

Poah. 7 years ago. It’s been a while. I’ve been active and around consistently for the first 5 years between Paris, Milan. London. New York and also got to check out smaller markets in Europe like Barcelona Athens Lisboa and even Singapura in Asia for some time.






Looking back on my career the designer Yohji Yamamoto holds a red string in my timeline as  my first show that put me in the spotlight was for Y-3 many years ago in New York. After that the stone was rolling and one thing came after the other hahaha.

 Yohji kept loyal to me as I showed up for castings in Paris for his personal line and even made me open for his Men’s collection in Paris one time.

Posing to Photographers and the runway´ shows experiences






 Creativity. Freedom. Magic. Comfort in my body is good for sure. Backstge is usually boring. SO boring that I actually find it really funny how bored everyone is and can’t stop laughing about it which makes the situation in reverse very funny indeed.

Mik Cire By Eric Kim - Runway - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


I´ve already walked for Yohji Yamamoto, Ann emeulemeester, Hugo Boss, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Comme des Garcons / Junya Watanabe, Jean Paul Gaultier… The list goes on………. And on…

Male models x Female models: who rule this business?




Women earn more. Males earn less. Because women spend more. So,  there is more money on their side. Also they are to be thought of as the creatures on this planet that express the ultimate beauty. So this business is definitely their playground.

But males have a niche and its cool. We’re like pirates traveling all over the world making a buck here and there. Sometimes more sometimes less. All in all, it is what it is and it is one of the coolest experiences to have as a young person to get to travel around and being exposed to that level of creativity and freedom.




Berthold´s style: a fashionista

 I look like a rockstar for sure. My style is timeless and impressive. Always changing but there is a silverlining visible. I wear gold and silver too. And I like feathers.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Hahahaha. I would start laughing really loud.

On show business13




On show business

I am a show master. Life is a show….

Your styles on…

Dating ~ playful
Loving ~ all or nothing
Sports ~ give it !
Superpowers: flying
 Superheroes ~ He-Man


Atracting someone´s attention ~ Just be in the moment  and uplift the situation.
Having fun,enjoying life: The sun. The full moon. The beach. Nature. Friends.

Craziest thing  ever done in a summer time season.
Poah. I’ve traveled around on a motorcycle for 3 months thru Costa Rica without ever having ridden a motorcycle before.

Fav body part and why ~ My ass cause it farts and I find it funny. It also releases bad energy. Hahahaha


Fav underwear for all moments:  I dont usually wear underwear. Only for castings and work cause they make you take off pants all the time. Then 100% cotton. No brand. I don’t like branding and logos and shit like that…

Music:  Udo Juergens,
Radiohead, Daft Punk, Drake, some 70s hippie shit, David Guetta ! Hahahahaha


Fav food: Superfood Avocado
Guilty pleasure ~ Toblerone

 Earliest childhood memory ~ that’s too deep, brah.

Nickname in school ~ Bertie

If you weren´t a model you´d be... An Astronaut
An unforgettable moment: Poah…… Man, my first kiss I suppose… Wait, I think I forgot.. Lemme think.  Hahahaha

 Yourself in 10 years: Somewhere between the stars.





The Projects

I’ve started a superfood restaurant for a festival in Guatemala. We then started atibe and bought a chicken bus. Then a castle fell in our hands and I moved some rocks there. I will go again in the future to move some more rocks there and make some magic and start a school and all kinds of things.

 I also have a business idea to start a drink company, but I can’t reveal all my secrets this very moment. We are real pirates and call ourselves COSMIC PIRATES. My restaurant is called COSMIC CANELA.

Both have facebook pages. Go like ‘em and stay tuned. :))


BERTHOLD ROTHAS/02.02.1988 (28)/187CM/70KG/shoesize43


Mother Agency: Body and Soul Vienna

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor