Photographer Balthier Corfi: “Digital photography opened the door to new generations of talent with a new vision and feeling about photography and fashion”

15 jan, 2014

Hi Ed and hello to all the World of Models fans around the world!


I am from Mexico City in Mexico but I grew up everywhere in my country: from Ocotlán, a tiny little town in the south to Monterrey one of the largest cities, like 2 hours from the border with USA.





I started my career as a photographer when I was in college and a local agency in Monterrey asked me to test their models. I did and some years later I ended up working in New York City. My style i think it’s raw, I love the human body and I always trying to get the best from it as a subject, but I also love doing beauty shots because I always like to take pictures of eyes. They are like jewels.

My influences are, of course, the legendary photographers Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst and Richard Avedon. I like David Sims, Patrick Demarchelier, Inez & Vinoodh and Mert and Marcus.I also love Rick Day’s work.






The digital era: breaking boundaries

I think digital photography opened the door to new generations of talent with a new vision and feeling about photography and fashion. The digital tools help us as artists to break boundaries and mix different kinds of art to crate something that was not possible in the years before the digital era. I believe that digital tools gave us more creative freedom.

Worldwide economic crisis still affecting the fashion photography?

 I think the market is going to get really crowded since digital photography is (kind of) affordable for almost everybody, this overpopulation is going to make the competition harder, but I believe competition is something that helps you to improve and makes you move forward. At the end the true talent always shines, but it is also important to go out and put your name out there for people to know you.





Special moments making perfect pics?

I don’t know if I have got a perfect picture yet, but there are some ones that are really special to me. A couple months ago I was in Philadelphia and I was somewhat frustrated because of the weather, it was really difficult to get a shot that I truly loved. At the end of the day I went outside and I was talking with one of the models about nudity in fashion and he ended up posing nude in a staircase… so randomly, but I think the picture we got is definitely one of my favorite ones. (The picture is at the end of the email in case you want to put it on the interview)

Funny/unusual backstage´s moments? The horny grandma!

I just recalled one! It’s on instagram! We were shooting an editorial for The Underwear Expert in the High Line Park in New York City and, of course, we had a hunky male model wearing nothing but underwear, so basically it was a show. He even impressed an old lady that was walking by. Check it out lol it:

 Top cool favorite places for a shooting

I have an obsession with solid structures and architecture. Basically any place with solid shapes, straight lines and volumes is going to make me go nuts. Think about the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or places like that. Those are my favorite kind of locations





Helping models´ career with a professional job 

The models, well all of them are sexy, but I also enjoy a model with conversation and committed to get a good photo. I have worked with a lot of amazing people that I am still friends with and that is very important for me.

 So, I try to do my best and get the best from them when we are on set. I feel really proud when their career start to take off.









Sometimes even more.

The Projects 

I have been shooting a lot of editorials lately and I have start talking with some really amazing media about featuring my work in the upcoming months, I also started planning my own exhibition, hopefully for the end of this year.

 I am also going to go a little crazier this year when it comes to concepts and art direction, keep shooting editorials.. I also have a wonderful project about a political issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible but it´s still on development. 

Motto: “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” 

An special moment 

Definitely the most special moment it was when I came to New York City for the first time. It was breathtaking and inspiring. 

Thanks for the invite! I hope to go to Brazil soon! Thank you Ed for the wonderful interview!.


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