New faces rock, the series. Episode 68: Barbara Godoy

14 jun, 2013

Hey folks, my name is Bárbara Godoy


I was born in a small city, located in the state of Goiás, Brazil. I love to cook,  travel, meet new people, stay at home wacthing movies, read a book and my hobby is yoga!

Here in my city we have   many rivers, waterfalls, forests . When I was a child, me and my family used to come to these places so many  times and we had lots of fune. I remember me and my parents at my grandpa´s farm every weekend. So cool, so nice, I love  those moments!

I also recall two things my parents used to tell me before I travel: “wherever you go, always make a difference, be yourself  and never give up on your dreams” and “God’s gonna be always with you on your way”. I’ll never forget that, they give me  happiness to carry on and strength to win !

Modeling: how did it all begin

Since I was a child I used to watch shows on fashion tv, read fashion magazines and also wore my mother’s heels at home. Once  I even fell with them and went to the hospital haha, Its funny now ,but I had to stay one month with bandages over my body!  Become a professional model was my dream.

So, one year ago my best friend (she’s a model too) introduced me to her scout and he talked to me and my parents about his  agency, I got selected and then I went to Sâo Paulo with my mom to meet his agency and make my first book

I´m really happy cause my dream is becoming true and I thank GOD for allowing to live this amazing experience! I feel good  being a model, its not just modeling, it is how you get experiences, living in new places, meeting people, new cultures,  languages and you start to learn about yourself!

Working with photographers: reaching the same goal

I like when the photographers make you feel comfortable in front of cams, when they talk to you and all the team have fun  hearing a cool song in the studio. Then you can have a perfect picture cause we are reaching a goal together

Before every shooting I pray and I think about old memories, its a mixture of emotions that comes out. Sometimes I forget  that have people around me!

I´ve never posed nude, because I´m too young to do that, but in the future I want to do , not full front but something more  natural and, of course, with a professional teamwork

And my fav is Mario Testino, he’s amazing !

The catwalks´ experiences

When you’re waliking though the catwalks you feel a huge adrenaline: just put your heels and lets rock haha. You also can  meet the coolest fashion designers and you share experiences with other models

I´ve walked for Wedding Vogue, Esprit, Rodrigo Rosner, Maria Bonita, just to name a few. I love watching the Victoria Secret  ´s fashions show, D&G, Chanel.

Male Models x Female Models: who rules?

I think the female models rules, not because I´m a woman haha, but normally we have more women into the fashion industry than  men

Barbara´s style

No, not at all. Comfortable clothes, thats the key! My style depends on my feelings, the way I wake up haha. In my wardrobe  you can find jeans, t-shirts. dresses, shorts. Sometimes I wear like Im at home haha

Dating x Loving

I just let it go  and be myself


I love Sports (volleyball, running), yoga, but sometimes only workout

Atracting someone´s attention

When I wanna talk to someone, I just came to them and start a conversation. I like to make new friendships. iLke my dad  always say “be polite and simple”

Having fun, enjoying life

All my family together on the farm, doing barbecue , telling jokes and making food for friends

Fav body part and why

I dont have a fav part but I always enjoy my smile

In her Ipod

I listen the old school, artists like The Righteous Brothers, Rod Stewart, The Beatles and some gospel music, like Hillsong  United, Anjos de Resgate, Padre MArcelo Rossi, Fernandinho

Fav food

Lasagna and my grandma’s food haha

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

Something related to travel and people


Focus, Strength and Faith!

The Upcoming Projects

I put this in GOD´s hands


Barbara Godoy


Mother Agency

ADM Models 

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