Photographer Arno Roca: An IMAGE worth anything, from family reunion to political revolution or great fashion like a perfume or an old song, they bring memories or they will bring memories, thrill, tears, smile”

22 jun, 2011

To be totaly honest, I am pretty new to Photography.

I just started it 2 years ago at the time I was producing Bruce Labruce “LA Zombie”, movie starring Francois Sagat and because of the low budget I had to do myself all the still photography. I was born in France and I started my career as a fashion designer in the late 90s.

Now, I am a creative director for a big brand and I try to keep photography as my main Hobby . No Stress. I only shot What or Who I like and I want it to remain that way.


The more I do it, the more I´d say it’s the perfect medium  because it drives me to meet a lot of people from all kinds and this is all what it is about .As I started Shooting with a lot of pornstars  I had to fight with against their automatic”sexy” ways in front of the lens.



Now I am surrounded with a lot of Brazilian gorgeous models from Vtm (Victory Talent Management (a model agency that is included in my Business) and most of them (in a different way of course !!! ) have been teached how to behave in front of the camera. So I always have to fight those habits to break them and start from scratch with any model I have a chance to work with .



Main influences, his passions for portraits and the digital era

I am like a sponge: too many influences to name them all …. Avedon, Terry Richardson, Ryan Mc Ginley, after a lot of very Fashion styled images. I am trying  to get more real and less fashion . I’d love to try more “reportage” or live style. I also have a passion for portraits: spanish painter ” El Greco ” and Partick Swric, but also all self portraitists: Matthias herrmann , Lars Stephan , Peter Berlin, Sylvain Norget ….


The digital era really helped the photographers conernnig aaspects like quality and tecnology. I always feel weird when I see those “old school ” photographers attached to film. Digital is just a way, just a tool. The good worker makes the tool works, not the other way around, but there is room for everybody.

Worldwide economic crisis affected the fashion photography?

Do it yourself !!!! This is what I think. Twelve big brands use all media to spread their style and sell more of their products. Magazine people have no choice,  they must do that. This is why I admire photographers that can deal with it without compromising like Terry Richardson or those who just lives aside like Mc Ginley.

I don’t think the market will change a lot for public audience. Let’s Just hope that mature Market (like States /Europe / more ) will stop buying shit and focus more on the quality than the marketing. If you buy a piece of fashion, choose to spend your money with the one that has been done by a decent worker in a decent factory. Today ” Guess”  Bags  cost more money in marketing and transpotation than into making !!!!!

The special moments, the perfect pictures

The Unexpected. The one you’ll never expect to happen. This Black Homeless guy In LA . BruceLabruce’s hands holding his Old Minolta in his back. I like all behind the scene images. My boyfriend sleeping. I am a voyeur. The Perfect is the simplest

Funny/unusual backstages´ moments


I nearly killed my personal trainer/model  with vaseline and sand on his face and hair, then jumping llike crazy with baby powder clouds around him… For the Summer of love project, Santi Waine was clapping his hand with an Unknown Orange Powder.

We all sneezed Orange for few days !!!! not very nice . I always like also when we do nude picture and it is the model first time.  If I can catch the good expression on the model face that reveals a lot.


Helping the models: a cool partnership

They helped me a lot too, those are my dude. I like them a lot.

Top  cool places for a shooting

My studio: Studio 47 in Jakarta where I am based now because I designed it and I am happy to share it with my partner Glen Prasetya who theached me a lot and this is an open space for new talents to eXperiement !!!! For the rest I always like morning light throught a window, but that could be everywhere. I also like construction sites, abandoned places. I am curious, so anywhere … I am more a people´s photograph, I like faces.


An IMAGE  worth anything, from family reunion to political revolution or great fashion like a perfume or an old song, they bring memories or they will bring memories, thrill, tears, smile …..

An unforgettable moment

Shooting Francois Sagat Under a Burka because he is a superstar in the photoworld, those ones you see from time to time, like for example, Joe Dalessandro, Tony Ward). Everybody would want to shoot him and I hided him under the muslim veil. That was provocative, politic and also a beautiful image.



“Never enough”

The Projects

Now I am all focus on my “the Fagzine”. I´m Working on a special  Portfolio at the moment for Special Asia. Xnotdead is a Photo Gay magazine I created in order to mix big names with unknown but yet talented people.

Actually this is not a magazine, this is not a Fanzine, this is the FAGZINE  and soon will become an Ipad app. The most exciting part for me is to share, to discover new talents, to see big names contributing to my concepts. There is no competition in photo and this is what i like the most.
If any photographer wish to contribute to the fagzine, just contact me at