Antonio Ryess: “What I love the most about modeling is the transformations that take place mentally and physically, very interesting stuff”

09 ago, 2014


Where to start, well my name is Antonio i come from a mix background, my mother is from the Dominican Republic and my dad is from Gaza (Egypt). I was born in the country side, a very small town called Jelo (Haina) in the San Cristobal region.

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Personal interest I have many but before I was scouted I used to work in banking and hopefully in the future I definitely see myself working as an investment banker. I love numbers, stocks, fast pace environment all excite me.

Another interest not many people know this because I tend to forget I am even able to play it until I see one but i also play piano.

The first steps into the modeling world

I never thought of the possibility of being a model, this idea never crossed my mind until the day I was scouted while visiting New York city walking with a friend.  An agent approached me which I thought it was a scam but my friend knew the agency and advised me to definitely give them a call which i was very glad I did afterwards.

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My first test shoot? It was great but there´s a funny story the photographer will never make me forget and up to this day reminds me. It was in the studio everything was set up and he asks look into the light and i proceeded to lift my head and look into the ceiling searching for the light bulb. He laughed so hard and said no not that light the big umbrella in front of you.


What I love the most about modeling is the transformations that take place mentally and physically very interesting stuff. Specially when you compare yourself to when you first get sign to months later and you see the massive improvements in personality and in physique it´s great.

The photographers: unique techiques teaching models before every shoot

What I like about all photographers in general is that each one has a unique technique that they usually teach you before the shoot. So you get to learn how to move in different way and adapt to different styles etc.


Everyone is different. Some are great, they teach you how to move how to play different characters, some are more theatrical while others are a bit more laid back and prefer you to just stand there and look like you’re staring into a whirlpool hypnotizing you. Before a shoot the only thing i do is just got to the gym and hit up the sauna after for 30 minutes it helps you. Regarding nudity I am very comfortable posing nude, it all depends on the environment and the team you’re working with.



Cool, unusual and funny moments with famous designers

I’ve met Ricardo Tisci and I hope to someday work for him. Also I have a very funny story. I was out with a friend having drinks and we were at the restroom so we’re peeing and this guy walks in and uses the middle urinal and me and my friend looked at each other like oh my god thats . . . yeah so when we’re washing our hands taking longer than usual to wait for him to come over then he said hello and i said OH wow you’re the designer, you’re JILL SANDERS.  


Needless to say we were all very tipsy he smiled and left. Then the next day I was on the phone with my friend talking about how cool was meeting him and a Tommy Hillfiger commercial came on and my heart stopped. Yes.  I called Tommy Hillfinger jill sanders. Ever since i’ve prayed he wouldnt remember me or that.

Male models x Female models: who rule this industry?

Of course, we’re not neck to neck with the females because this is their industry, however thanks to growing demand of male models and also we have tools now a days that we can use, like social media to have more exposure.

To be honest, I don´t have any fav male models but i’ve been obsessed with Jessica Stam from day one. I think she’s the most beautiful woman in this known universe. I would love to meet her someday.




Antonio´s style: a fashionista?

I´m not a fashionista, but I am a coolionisto. I think i have a gift in pulling stuff to make me look as cool as fuck, but at the same time the trick is in making sure you don´t look like you trying to look cool so it´s all about mixing cool pieces with super casual stuff. So, if you’re wearing really cool pants or a nice shirt you wear very casual shoes loafers or stuff like that.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I start clapping and screaming too

On show business 

It´s interesting


Dating X Loving: Intense

Sports: Run track (800 meters), Swimming and Volleyball

If you could have a super power what would it be? What´s your fav super hero?

 Fly, of course because if you want to see through walls you can just drill a hole through one. My fav super hero is Catwoman



What´s on your mind when walking down the runway? Don´t trip, don´t trip

Atracting someone´s attention

I´m very tall, so it´s hard to miss me, but if I’m in a room filled with tall people I close my eyes for a second and i engulf myself in white light and open my eyes usually to find someone staring at me, so it works lol

Having fun, enjoying life

I enjoy walking around New York city with friends going to a cool quiet coffee place in the West Village and catch up with friends etc. I´m pretty low key.



Craziest (nastiest?) thing ever done in a summer time season.

Can´t tell :)

Fav body part and why

My teeth, I get a lot of compliments on the smile

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those coooool sexy

moments (lol!): my Joe Fresh

Favorite singer: Right now is probably Daley, really cool up and coming singer

Food: rice


Guilty pleasure: Skittles and raisin oatmeal cookies

If you weren´t a model you´d be…in a bank with a suit 

An unforgettable moment: When I met Ricardo Tisci and Tommy Hillfiger

Motto: It is very expensive being poor.


Mother agency: Wilhelmina Models NY



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