Antonio Cruz: “I love the fashion world and specially the clothes I wear in the photo shootings. If I could, I´d have them all lol!”

07 jun, 2011



Hi folks, I´m Antonio Cruz, brazilian model, 26 years old and I live on the outskirts of São Paulo city, a quiet and cool neighborhood and nice people. I´ve been working since I was 14 and I have a family who always supported me on my professional decisions.

Now I´m focusing on my international career, working hard to represent the black brazilian models abroad.  

When I was a teenager, people always encouraged me to pursue a modeling career, but honesty I never thought about it, but then I decided to give a try. I went to a modeling agency with a model, a friend of mine. She introduced me to a booker and that was how it all began.



From the first test shooting to the cover model of Sans Nom online mag!

In my first test shooting I was very nervous and anxious but you know guys, as time flies, we got used to pose to the cams.

One of my fav jobs so far was a recent editorial for Sans Nom online mag where I´m the cover model too, Check out the pics my bud Eddie has posted. I enjoyed it a lot folks!


Here in Brazil the modeling market for black models could be better with more opportunities in editorials and runways shows.

I was in a casting along with 20 models for a famous brazilian brand and besides me, there were only 2 black models. I was the only chosen black model for that photo shooting. It is a total nonsense in a country where we have a huge population of black  people!

Concerning the international market, there are lots of models that have been travelling to South Africa and they are doing great!

Photographers, previous preparations, catwalks….

I like when the photographers make me feel comfortable before posing to them and I just let it flows. It´s always a  good vibe!

My previous preparation include a good night sleeping and when you wake up feeling a good sensation, happy and blessed, you guys gotta believe me: everything gonna be all right during the whole day!.


I don´t have much experience in the catwalks but I´ve already walked for stylists like Marcelo Ferraz, Edir Moraes and Milton Martins. But I have a funny/unusual moment to share with you guys. I was in a runway show in a mall and the brazilian actor Márcio Garcia (he is very famous and popular here) was walking in this catwalk too. I was there just behind him.

When he started to walk, the audience started to speak up and call his name. Well, I was just behind him, so I thought that could be easy to take that special moment for myself, I was so  sure the audience would call my name too!  But, this really didn´t happen, the producer just waited for Marcio´s return from the catwalk and the audience got even more excited about him, Everyone only had eyes for Márcio Garcia lol lol!.


A fashionista?

I love the fashion world and specially the clothes I wear in the photo shootings. If I could, I´d have them all lol!. Comfortable and stylish clothes is what I love most.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That would be a blast! It´s a recognition of my professional work. As a matter of fact I´ve already experienced this moment giving some autographs for some people. It was cool!

The fashion world for the male models

It´s been getting better but female models still rule! We, male models, still have a long walk to get the same attention and exposure as we see in female models.

Tyson Beckford, Miro Moreira, Naomi Campbell and Gisele Bündchen (of course!) are some of my  inspirations.

Atracting someone´s attention 

Jjust being myself

Having fun

Playing soccer with my buddies, reading, listening good rap,

Craziest thing he´s ever in a summer time season:

As a matter of fact, it didn´t happen in the summer, but last year one day before my birthday I got drunk and I went to play soccer with my buddies and guess what: I had my shoulder hurt. Definitelly it was not good at all!!

Fav underwear for his daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (LOL!)

Cavallera for my daily activities and CK for those cool sexy moments!

In his IPOD
Criolo Doido (brazilian rap) and Grupo Kipegada Sampa.

Fav Food

 Steak with french fries (I could eat it every day)

If you weren´t a model you would be …
A soccer player. I love soccer!

An unforgettable moment

Every  moment I spent with mom, who passed away when I was 14 years old

The Projects

I´m on the cover of June´s edition of Sans Nom mag and I´m studying english, getting ready for my first international trip as a professional model. Stay tuned folks!

“Do not expect the future to change your life because future is a consequence of present”

Valeu Eddie!!!


Antonio Ribeiro de Sousa Junior
Contact info: L´EquipE Agence

Some pics posted in this interview by Didio photographer

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