Anthony Palmerio: “Show business must always go on. In show business everything is possible and inspire a lot of people”.

13 set, 2013

Hi World of Models I’m Anthony Palmerio Schirru

I’m 25 year old sign Leo. I’m Afro American / Italian / Cameroun. I live in Germany. I speak 6 languages Italian/German / French / Finnish bit Spanish. Love Fitness, Sport, Food, dancing being silly & acting.

Modeling: scouted in Helsinki

Well, I didn’t really decide to modeling I got scouted 4 years ago on the street from a older women in Finland Helsinki. Then I got signed in with Brand model management. My first test shooting I remembered pretty well, because it was a big challenge :D

I had 2 shoot wit 2 other models girl from my agency. It was a jeans shooting where we had 2 be topless . It was kinda Levi’s jeans shooting pretty sexy & wild, a black & white shooting. I had 2 knee down next the two other girls they were pulling my hair or trying too because I don’t have much hair :P but my First test shooting had 2 be already professional.

The best thing about modeling is to Switch in so different roles any time u shoot,because every shoot tells a different story and my second passion is acting so is 2 in one. And meeting so different and crazy people.

Working with photographers, posing naked and backstages stories

What I like most working with a photographer is when he tells me his idea. Then when we Start shooting nd he tells “Perfect, wow thats Wat I want”. I Love this feeling I get when I satisfied the photographer . My preparation is turning the music up and doing a lot of push-ups, looking in the mirror and flirt with my eyes.

Yes, I feel very comfortable being naked :P

Backstage stories… well once I did my usual preparation. Push ups and one of a model hubs on my back and I pushed her too and all of a sudden the camera men start filming.

The catwalks´ experiences

My catwalks experience didn’t had that much. But the funniest backstage story is when I walked for PUMA a girl had to wear shoes which were way too big and mine were way too small and the girl needed to put toilette paper. When she walked she looked so funny  like a clown.

When I walk down the runway I’m like holy shit everybody is looking at u. All eyes on u soo rock the shit :P

Women still rule this industry?

I think is almost the same because now we have also male top models and also Icons.

The black models in the fashion industry

Well for black models in Germany is not so good because German still a bit old school which means they not really open for new exotic stuff. They more for blond guys and light skin. So I’m too exotic for them and can’t not proof them wrong because I don’t really get a change.

My fab male model is Tyson Beckford and female model is Naomi Campbell.

Anthony`s style: a fashionista?

Nowadays, I’m a fashionista. Before I allways worn black like mystery sexy dark . When I’m not modeling I wear huddies and sweatpants. I don’t follow the trend or whats in or out. I like to look good and sexy for myself.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would either speak other languages because I speak 6 languages and when I would be in Italian, I would speak french, or I’m in France I would speak German. Or I would say yea it’s me let’s get wasted.

Show business: inspiration

Show business must always go on. In show business everything is possible and inspire a lot of people. And can be a beautifull glitter world or a horror movie.


Basketball, soccer, fitness, volleyball, boxing, billiard,

If u could have a superpower, what would it be?

I would prefer to fly so I didn’t need to pay for the plane and protect my fam fromthe sky.

Who´s your fav super hero?

My fav super hero is Son Goku from Dragonball.

Craziest thing in a summertime season

The craziest thing I did  was in Spain vocation and I played in a competition. The person who made the most sex position wins a jet ski tour and  of course I won.

Fav body part

My eyes and my body

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

Tight shorts In white or black. And I’m a Lover:P

In his IPOD

I´m listening to Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Pop House and fav singers are Drake, Lil Wayne, Trey, Songz, Boyz 2 Men

Guilty pleasure

Chocolate eating by night and singing .

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

An actor

The Projects

New Project . Thx u

Heading to New York where my mother Agency is  and meeting the best agent of all: George Brown from RedNyc and rocking NYC and than the World

Anthony Palmerio Schirru

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