Anthony Craig: “My style in sports is easy, I love them all lol. I could watch any sporting event on television or in person and be totally glued to it”

18 out, 2011

My name is Anthony Craig Vonbargen. I´m from Cincinnati, Ohio in the U.S.

I grew up there my entire life. basically all of my interests revolve around just a few things. I love music, I love movies, and I love sports.

I grew up playing sports, from football, to baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis. Sports are really where I began to get into working out as well.

From there, I began to get into personal training, which is how I got my physique to where it is today.

I feel like my best work is ahead

I always grew up looking at magazines and wanting to be a model. It wasnt until I was around 17 when I actually decided to give it a try. my first test shoot was sort of a funny story. I had little to no expirience in front of the camera, so it was very awkward. on top of that, I was shooting with a female model, which made it that much worse. After the shoot, I started to question if it was for me, because I had realized there was so much more to it besides just standing in front of a camera.

I kept with it though, and by a few shoots later I was really getting comfortable and creating very good images. When I got into actual projects, I was very comfortable, and it helped that I had a few great photographers that really helped bring my model side out. So at this moment in time, with the help and experience, I feel like my best work is ahead.

Working with the photographers: learning their storie and become comfortable with them

The thing I love most about working with a photographer is really getting to know them and become comfortable with them. Learning their stories, and how it is that they got into photography is always fun to learn. this is one thing that is essential in preparation to me, I have to get to know the person a little bit to be completely comfortable with them.

As for  the whole being comfortable nude in front of the camera, that is something I´m still a little uncomfortable with. I have done just one shoot nude, and it was for Ohlala magazine. But the thing with that was I worked with a photographer who is a good friend and that I´ve known for a while, so that shoot seemed to be as comfortable and a nude shoot could possibly be for me.

The catwalks´ backstages

I have to say my stories there tend to be just a little bit boring. One thing I do is sort of shut myself off from everyone else around me right before a show. I just listen to music and sort of get into a zone to where I´m totally focused. This is how I get comfortable before I go out onto the catwalk. Some of the designers I´ve rocked on the catwalk have been Ralph Lauren and CK.

The modeling world: a female dominated industry

Honestly, in the fashion world, I think it´s still business as usual. I don´t think male models get nearly the amount of exposure as female models do. And to be completely honest, I don´t see that changing in the near future. I feel that it is always going to be a female dominated industry.

Marcus Schenkenberg and Tyson Becford: role models

I would say the male model that most inspired me growing up and made me want to get into this business was Marcus Schenkenberg. When I saw that first CK add he did, I was truely inspired. I also loved all the work that Tyson Beckford did with Polo. Those are the two guys, that even today, I am still envious of.

A fashionista?

It all depends on where I´m going. I´ll be honest with you, Most of the time when I m going out, I´m throwing on a white, black or grey V neck t shirt with a pair of high fashion jeans, and wearing my chuck taylors. If I´m going somewhere where I am going to see other people from the industry though, I´mm definitely cleaning it up a bit lol.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd

Oh if I were put in that situation, I would soak it all up. I would enjoy it. I absolutely love meeting new people, so I would definitely play to the crowd and want to meet all of them. I am definitely a people person.

Love X Dating

I would describe my dating style as spontaneous. I feel like you always have to keep it fresh. always try to go new places and try new things. I was kind of lucky to meet someone similar to myself. She´s a female model in NYC with Click, whom I wont name lol, but with the way we both are, we are always doing new and crazy things to have fun.


My style in sports is easy, I love them all lol. I could watch any sporting event on television or in person and be totally glued to it. This goes back to me playing so many different sports growing up, and also goes back to the whole being spontaneous and trying new things.

Atracting someone´s attention and enjoying life

Just be myself. I´m usually not all that flashy, what you see is what you get. if it works, then I know I´ve gotten the attention of the right people ;). The way iIhave fun, like I said before is just to keep everything fresh. One thing I love to do is visit new places. I tend to vacation a lot lol. I´m actually writing this to you from Siesta Key right now, which is extremely hot right now lol. I feel like if you are always visiting new places, then you will stray away from routines.

Everyone knows that variety is the spice of life, so this definitely helps me to have fun and get the most out of life.

Craziest thing in a summertime season

I would say the craziest thing I´ve done in summertime seasons is skinny dipping. and I´d be lying if I said that I have only tried it once. It´s always quite exhilarating. gotta love getting your adrenaline going.

Fav body part and undewear for daily activities and for those cooooool sexy moments lol

My favorite body part, well on myself anyway ;), is the fingers. I love to play piano and guitar. that´s why I would go with that. Now, if I´m picking a favorite body part on a female and not myself, it damn sure isn´t the fingers lol.

If I´m just going out on a daily basis, I´m wearing the CK trunks. Very comfortable. but when we start talking about those sexy moments, I gotta say it´s gonna be the black Armani briefs. Now that´s gonna get you where you need to be everytime.

In his IPOD

Right now, I have a few favorite bands I am always listening to on the Ipod. First off, my top choice is and always will be the bBatles. I have every album in my ipod of theirs, including unreleased stuff. but if we are going more up to date, I would have to say Incubus, The Kooks, The Shins, and the White Stripes just to name a few.

Fav food and his guilty pleasure

I am a rather boring eater. I have to stay in tip top shape, so I´m always eating healthy. but if I´m going to splurge, I´d have to say my favorite food is pizza easily.

Guilty pleasure is easily candy. I try to sneak in candy every chance I get. When you have a sweet tooth like I do, you tend to just splurge on candy uncontrollably. Another guilty pleasure I have is a good trip to the spa. shhhh don´t tell anyone I told you lol

If you weren´t a model you´d be…..

I would most likely be somewhere in business. I have a business degree from Miami university that is just wasting away. I´m not even sure what aspect of business. All I know is that sounds really boring. I couldnt see myself sitting at a desk or working a 9-5. not for me

The Projects

I don´t have any current projects im working on, but I will be going to Asia to work for a little while here soon, so I will definitely keep you posted on what´s going on there.

An unforgettable moment

When I started in Cincinnati. I booked the cover of a really popular magazine there. After i did the shoot it came out maybe a month later. I had almost forgotten that I even shot it. but I saw it on the magazine stands of pretty much everywhere I went. that was such a great moment the first time i saw it in stores. Definitely something I´ll never forget.


If I had one motto to share with everyone, it would be to live your life day by day. never take for granted the moment your in, because no one is guarenteed tomorrow. Get the very most you can out of every day and out of life.

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